Your S.O. Will Be Impressed as Heck by These Totally On-Theme 9th Anniversary Gifts


It seems congratulations are in order, ’cause you and your spouse are officially one year away from a decade of marriage! Obvi you haven’t made it this far without having some pretty good gift giving skills, but if you have exactly zero gift ideas for your 9th anniversary, fret not. The best anniversary gifts tend to be thoughtful, personalized, and more romantic than, say, a kitchen appliance (*shudders*). And if you’re going the traditional route, then I’ve got some suggestions that are sure to knock your S.O.’s socks off.

The traditional 9th-anniversary gifts are pottery and willow, with pottery representing something that’s been transformed over time into a beautifully finished piece (all together now: awww) and willow representing strength and flexibility. You can also opt for the more modern 9th-anniversary gift of leather, which represents durability, warmth, and something that gets better with time (one more time: awww). Pottery, willow, and leather may not sound like suuuuper romantic gifts, but there are actually loads of on-theme presents your lover of nine years is sure to adore, and I’ve rounded up the best 9th anniversary gifts that le Internet has to offer.

From leather accessories to gorgeous ceramic creations to some v loose interpretations of “willow,” here are all the best ways to say, “Hey, congrats for putting up with me for nine years.” And here’s the best part: Some of these gifts combine more than one element, so they’re truly on theme. Happy anniversary, love birds!!

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this intricate stoneware vase

Personalized Faux Bois Vase

Rather than actually carving your initials into bark, get ’em a keepsake stoneware vase customized with your first initials and made to look like the bark of a tree. (Perhaps a willow tree…?) 


this gorgeous wine goblet

Personalized Wine Glass

Available in a bunch of different color options, this clay stoneware wine glass can be personalized however you like, and it’s almost too gorgeous to actually use…keyword being almost. 


this sleek leather backpack

Apollo 2 Backpack

Help your boo travel in style with this chic vegan leather backpack, which features a padded laptop compartment, gold zippers, and plentyyyy of color options. 


this willow tree wall art

Personalized Family Willow Tree Plaque

Available as a canvas, metal, or paper print, this customizable willow tree wall art is pretty much guaranteed to make your S.O. cry happy tears—and you can even get it framed if you’re feeling extra. 


this cool Airpods case

Modern Leather Case

Give their Airpods a bold new look with this gorgeous two-piece leather case, which is made with genuine, vegetable-tanned leather and available for both Airpods and Airpods Pro cases. 


this flowering willow hand cream

Imagine Flowering Willow and Lotus Shea Butter Handcreme

Give your S.O. the gift of soft, silky hands with this shea butter moisturizer, which contains fragrance notes of lotus, orchid, rice flower, coconut milk, mandarin, jasmine, and—drum roll pls—willow!!


this pretty whiskey tumbler

Glazed Liquor Glass

They’ll never wanna drink out of a normal glass again once they sip a beverage out of this stoneware whisky tumbler, which you can get personalized with both of your initials or a number “9” inside of a heart on the bottom. Cute!!


this fancy ring dish

Willow Sapphire Marble Trinket Tray

Ideal for holding jewelry, coins, and any other little trinkets, this stunning marble tray features intertwining willow branches decorated with silver buds, so it’s the perfect “two birds with one stone” present. 


this leather dopp kit

Double Zip Toiletry Bag

Available in tons of colors, this full grain leather toiletry bag boasts water-resistant lining, plenty of storage space, and the option to get it personalized with your boo’s initials. Perfect to pack on your next couple’s getaway. 


this willow branch arrangement

Willow Bouquet

This stunning bouquet of willow, kiwi vine, and thistle comes pre-made, so all you have to do is snip the stems and drop ’em in a vase. You can also order this willow bouquet with a vase if you wanna check off that “pottery” box, too. 


these durable leather gloves

Deerskin Lined Gloves

These unisex deerskin leather gloves (which come in three cute colors) are polypropylene lined against the cold, so your partner’s fingers will stay toasty warm no matter how low the temps drop. 


this teeny willow tree charm necklace

Weeping Willow Initial Necklace

This hand-stamped initial necklace comes complete with a lil pewter willow tree charm, making it on-theme and undeniably adorbs. 


this simple willow wood frame

Natural Willow Wood Picture Frame

With frame sizes available anywhere between 2×2 inches and 24×36 inches, a stunning willow wood frame is the perfect thing to complement a pic of you and your luver.


these leather slip-on shoes

Hawthorne Slip On

Made with luxe oiled leather that only looks cooler over time, these slip-on sneaks are not only wildly comfy—they also have a perforated footbed so your boo won’t stink ’em up. 


this essential leather bag

Willow Tote

This bestselling pebble leather tote bag is big enough to hold a laptop and versatile enough to take anywhere—plus, it’s called the “Willow Tote,” which feels meant-to-be, no? 


this sentimental earthenware bowl

Personalized Family Tree Serving Bowl

If you two share a last name, then you can celebrate your lil family with this handmade earthenware serving dish, which features a pretty painted tree. (Let’s pretend it’s a willow tree, kay?) 


this woven leather bracelet

Braided Leather Wrap Bracelet

Haven’t you heard? Leather bracelets are hot rn, and this cool braided leather bracelet (which comes in gray, brown, or blue) is sure to jazz up your S.O.’s wrist. 


this subtle willow blossom candle

Willow Candle

You can’t go wrong with a long-lasting candle, and for your 9th anniversary, nothing beats this super popular option, which contains notes of willow blossom. 


this fun speckled pot

Ink Spots Berry Rainbow Planter

Even if your boo doesn’t exactly have a green thumb, they’ll still appreciate this rainbow-and-speckles patterned earthenware planter, which makes the perfect home for a lil succulent or fern. 


this slim leather wallet

Leather Card Holder

Handmade with full grain leather, this slim two-pocket card holder can slip right into any pocket or handbag (and looks soooo good while doing it). 


these willow branch earrings

Antique Silver Willow Earrings

Available in sterling silver or stainless steel, these long willow branch earrings will look fly as hell dangling from your beloved’s earlobes. 


this willow picnic tote

Coronado Pattern Canvas and Willow Basket Tote

The picnic basket gets a modern upgrade with this sturdy willow and canvas bag, which has an amazingly spacious interior for holding wine, cheese, and whatever else you may need to tote. 


this stoneware clay mug

The Mug

If your partner takes their morning coffee seriously, then they need this one-of-a-kind stoneware clay mug, which requires a 13-step process to make (!!!) and is both dishwasher and microwave safe. 


this trendy leather watch

Britt Leather Strap Watch, 44mm

Nothing will instantly elevate your boo’s look quite like a funky purple watch, which comes with a buttery leather band and water resistant stainless steel. 


this toner for all skin types

Willow Bark Face Toner

Made with willow bark and witch hazel, this ah-mazing toner works to cleanse, reduce inflammation, shrink the appearance of pores, and make their skin look glowy AF. 

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