Your First Sex Horoscope of 2022 Is Right Here

What’s happening: Tonight, the Moon is in calm Pisces before flying into fiery Aries on Saturday morning. Something called “cazimi Venus” takes place on Saturday, giving us a day-long break from Venus Retrograde drama.

On Monday there’s a gentle connection between the Sun and Neptune, which is perf for getting romantic. But then on Tuesday, aggressive Mars squares off with Neptune, making you feel emotional and a little paranoid. Everyone seems to be acting shady, you’re afraid people are talking shit, and your anxiety (especially regarding matters of the heart) is skyrocketing. Don’t worry. On Wednesday, the Moon enters chatty Gemini, giving you the ability to talk things out and squash the drama.

What that means for you:


You’ve been struggling to determine whether or not you’re ready to DTR. This weekend is offering you a moment of clarity—do you really want to take the next step in your relationship? Are you ready? Are they ready? This week wants you to talk things out. Just remember that it’s still Venus Retrograde, so don’t make any major decisions quite yet.


Variety is the spice of life, and this weekend you’re being encouraged to add a little ~spice~ in the bedroom. Leaving your comfort zone can be fun, but if you’re not into that new toy/position/kink/etc., speak up and let your partner know! On the other hand, maybe you’ll discover something that really, really turns you on. Have fun!


This could be a tough weekend, Gemini. You’re feeling über emotional…which could mean a conflict in your relationship, or it could mean you’re feeling super romantic and close to your partner. The key to determining how things will play out is to keep it 100% real: You’re meant to figure out the future of your relationship. You might find that your #relationshipgoals don’t mesh well with your partner’s, and this week could end in a breakup if your love life’s been skating on thin ice.


It’s still Capricorn season, which for your sign = cuffing season, and this weekend’s astro-weather is absolutely stellar for giving your relationship a major glow-up! Whether it’s a hookup, a first date, or an intimate night with your boo, you’re encountering a ton of great chemistry with someone special. Don’t rush into anything, though! It’s still Venus Retrograde, so this is a bad time for DTRing or upgrading your relationship. Instead, take things things slow and ~live in the moment~.


If you feel like you’re missing the spark, this week’s astro is helping you to feel much better about your love life. Here’s the thing, Leo—you’ve been focusing too much on your partner and not enough on yourself. Self-love is the best love of all, and this weekend’s urging you to take care of you. Whether it’s a relaxing day at the spa, a nice massage, or just spending the day doing stuff you love by yourself, there are tons of chances to level up your self-care game.


The part of your birth chart that rules sex, romance, and fun is being activated all weekend long, so you can rest assured that your love life is heating up a ton! Here’s the thing, though—if you’re single and starting to see new people, you shouldn’t expect any long-lasting connections with these new paramours. Try to enjoy the week without setting any expectations.


The most important relationships in your life are becoming your biggest focus this week, Libra. You’re paying a ton of attention to the people you have history with, whether it’s your current boo…or an ex. Whoever it is, there are unresolved issues that need to ber addressed. Be nice, talk it out, and you’ll be able to move forward forward in your love life, baggage-free.


This is a stellar time for hooking up or speed dating, so all y’all single Scorpios better get ready! Re-download your dating apps and cast a wide net this week. None of these new potential paramours are guaranteed to stick around, but you can still have a good time. You hate to open up and you’d much rather wait for the other person to come to you, but this week’s all about leaving your comfort zone and taking initiative to transform your love life in constructive, major ways.


Here’s the bad news—work is absolutely kicking your butt this weekend. But here’s the good news—once the Moon enters Gemini on Wednesday, your chart’s relationships zone gets activated. There’s not a ton of action coming your way, especially if you’re single, but you’re still able to make meaningful connections with your special someone at the end of the week.


You’re *Diana Ross voice* coming out! Not out of the closet, necessarily (although this is a great weekend for that, too!), but you’re being given a chance to show yourself off, step into the spotlight, and let people love you more. You’re ~glowing~, Capricorn, and there are loads of hotties trying to hit you up right now. Pick your fav, take them out, and you’ll have a kick-ass time. You’re giving yourself (and your relationship) a major glow up.


You’re making peace with your past and moving on this weekend, Aquarius. There are a few exes that need to be dealt with, and until you do, they’ll stick around and continue acting shady. You might need to confront them, or it might be a simple convo, but no matter how things go, this weekend is all about cutting off loose ends for good. By the end of the week, you’ll be amazed at how light and free you feel.


This weekend is spectacular for all the single Pisces out there—as long as you’re not looking for anything serious. This is a great time to turn the sexiest person in your squad into a FWB, go on a few first dates, or just hook up! Don’t set any high expectations this week, Pisces, or unexpected and unnecessary heartbreak could come your way.

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