You Won’t Believe These Fascinating Facts About Brad Pitt – E! Online

Brad Pitt is easily one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

So, it wouldn’t be surprising if you felt you knew everything about the handsome A-lister. However, as Monday’s premiere of 10 Things You Don’t Know will showcase, thereare plenty of fun facts to know about the Hollywood hunkand we’d hate for you to miss out on the tidbits.

For starters, you’ll never believe which Grammy-winner helped Pitt land on his feet when he first arrived in Los Angeles, Calif. We’ll give you a hint, the artist is “the only one who’ll walk across the fire for you.”

Next up, did you know that Pitt was banned from entering China? Well, you can find out why below.

Oh, and we know you want to know why Pitt initially walked away from starring in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. SPOILER: It had something to do with his original co-star.

For these fascinating facts and others, scroll through the list below!

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