You Should Def Take One of These Cute Passport Holders on Your Next Vacay


Whether you’re headed to a tropical island for a luxurious getaway or hopping on a plane to visit the fam, you’re gonna need to get your travel essentials in order. I’m talking your ID, passport, travel tickets (if you’re old-school and they’re not on your phone)—and, of course, your vaccine card!—all organized and situated in one easy-to-access place. Luckily, the perfect home for all these things already exists. Hi, passport holders!

The bad news: Passport holders can be kinda boring. The good news: There are really chic ones out there—if you’re willing to look. To save you from a long, exhausting internet search, though, I went ahead and did the digging for you. (You’re so welcome.) From personalized leather picks to fun, illustrated holders, there’s a little something for every aesthetic. After all, life’s too short for uninteresting travel accessories.

Maybe you already have a passport holder, but it’s 10 years old and falling apart. Or perhaps you’re about to travel for the first time ever (!) and need a lil something to hold all your important cards and documents. Whatever the situation, there’s a treasure trove of cute passport holders you’ll def want to snag, below.

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A Cool Striped One

Passport Sleeve

A classic brown leather case is made even cuter with a double stripe down the middle. And for a lil extra fee, you can get it monogrammed with your initials!


A Colorful One

Getaway Passport Holder

There’s just something so fun about this passport holder. It’s colorful, has cool typography, and will definitely look great in an Instagram travel pic.


A Croc-Embossed One

Quinn Passport in Dark Green Croc

This croc-embossed pick gives me the bougiest vibes. Even if you’re not flying private, this accessory will make it feel like you are.


An Illustrated One

Passport Holder

This holder features illustrations of some of the world’s most famous landmarks—like the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. It’s undeniably cute, folks.


A Personalized One

Vegan Leather Passport Case

A pop of color on top of a navy blue accessory is so simple, but so chic.


A Fun Pink One

Passport and Vaccine Card Holder Combo

This option has a place for your passport and a pocket for your vaccine card, making traveling anywhere a breeze. 


A Moody One

Slim Passport Case

This is the passport case equivalent of charcoal gray nail polish or a smokey eye. In other words, it’s moody AF. 


A Chic One

Personalized Vaccination Passport Holder

Sleek, sophisticated, and personalized, this pick is a must for a well-seasoned traveler.


A Minimalist One

Leather Passport Holder

For all my minimalist bbs out there, this holder is per-fec-tion. Bonus: It comes in five different colors!


A Typographic One

Getaway Passport Holder in Traveling Party

As someone who loves a cool font, this option has my heart. The colorway is super adorable, too.


A Marbled One

World Traveler Travel Passport Cover

Marble is just one of those prints that always looks gorg. Do yourself a favor and snag this pick for your next trip.


A Cheeky One

Quote Passport Holder

Get yourself a travel accessory that tells it like it is. This one just makes me chuckle.


A Neutral One

The Passport and Luggage Tag Set in Beige

If it’s a stunning neutral passport holder you’re after, allow me to introduce you to this beaut. It comes with a matching luggage tag, too!


A Quilted One

Passport Holder in Diamond Quilt

NGL, this holder feels very Chanel—but without the high price tag. We love an affordable luxury moment.


A Quirky One

Little Passport Case

If you’re an avid Bloomingdale’s shopper (or just like their brand aesthetic), you’ll love having this cute little passport case.

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