What Should I Do? My Husband Caught Me in Bed With Another Man, Yet He Still Buys Me Gifts – Gistmania

A South African woman has opened up on how her husband caught her with another man on their matrimonial bed, but rather than flaring up, he keeps buying her gifts. The woman in her post which has gone viral, feared for her life as she expected her husband to send her packing, but rather he became nicer to her.She narrated how her husband nicely told her sidepiece to get dressed and leave and then asked her to go take a shower.According to her, she was expecting her husband to take drastic actions against her for being unfaithful, but he simply waived the conversation, stating that there was nothing he could do to change the incident.The wife said after the cheating incident, her husband started treating her nicely, showering gifts on her and taking her out bi-weekly.She, however, expressed concern because her husband is planning a baecation overseas for both of them before Christmas, and she is extremely worried that he would do some…

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