Welp, Heres Matt James and Tyler Cameron Getting Brazilian Bikini Waxes Ahead of The Bachelor

  • Hi, Tyler Cameron and Matt James got Brazilian bikini waxes ahead of Matt James’s Bachelor season.
  • Neither of them could handle the pain, like, at all.

    Tyler Cameron just shared some BTS footage of Matt James preparing for his leading role on The Bachelor—and by that I mean he dropped a YouTube video of them getting waxed with some friends. Like, the video description is literally “we got waxed and we got wrecked.”

    In said video, Tyler explains, “I saw 40-Year-Old Virgin and that looked painful, and that’s what I was going for,” before proceeding to lie down, look at his melting wax in pure horror, whisper, “Oh f*ck” to himself, and then scream hysterically. Tyler’s other musings included “oh sh*t,” “you’re making this personal,” “damnit,” “golly” (my personal favorite), and “the balls do not feel good.”

    Meanwhile, Matt went ahead took a call from his mom while being waxed, whispering, “I’ll have to call you back” and then screaming in pain and asking for baby powder.

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    Truly, no words.

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