We Still Can’t Stop Thinking About Palm Springs, So We Got Some Answers to Our Questions – E! Online

It’s been a few weeks now since Palm Springs hit Hulu, and we cannot stop thinking about it.

Right in the middle ofthe global time loop we all seem to have found ourselves in thanks to a massive pandemic, The Lonely Island gifted us with a movie about twowedding guests (Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti) stuck in a time loop with no clear way out. No one could have known what would happen when they were making the movie, and even in January, when Hulu and Neon bought the movie in the highest sale ever at Sundance (by a purposefully hilarious 69 cents), they could not have predicted thatmovie theaters would soon shut down. Streaming, alongside a stint in drive-in theaters, became the only option. But it all ended up working out perfectly.

“This pandemic combined with the rush of bringing it out to the world has definitely blurred time, but it’s just been super gratifying to see people engage with [the movie] in such a thoughtful and passionate way,” director Max Barbakow tells E! News. “We wanted to give people an opportunity to just laugh and think and feel with the movie, and it’s just resonating in a deeper way right now and people are getting that. And I will say, it’s just nice to see that it’s playing and being experienced in the way that we intended with everything that we put into it.”

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