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The year hasn’t gotten off to the greatest start but social media has a way of shifting moods in a positive fashion with the blink of an eye. The latest trend, the #BussItChallenge, showcases women on camera bare-faced or dressed down, but dropping it low and instantly glowing up, and of course, the movement is now viral.

The viral transformation videos aren’t new but this latest one gives light to Dallas rapper Erica Banks, whose “Buss It” track was released last summer.

“Drop it down low and pick it up, ayy/You know I don’t ever give a f*ck, ayy/N*gga lookin’ at me in the club, ayy/He gon’ have to throw a couple dubs, ayy,” goes a portion of the lyrics of the song.

How it goes is that you’ll first see the woman dressed completely all the way down, quarantine style, with none of the glam and glitz of a night of turning up. However, the woman suddenly drops it low do the beat to Banks’ track which samples Nelly saying “Girl, I think my butt getting big” from his his “Hot In Herre” hit, and boom, the woman is instantly fab.

Of course, the videos are all in good fun and should be about celebrating the different sides of beauty and not just the twerkfest that is on display. However, the dancing and twerking aren’t hard on the eyes by any means. That said, we salute these ladies for bringing a little light to our timelines.

We’ve had a hard time determining who kicked off the challenge so our apologies to the creator of this craze and we will credit you once we find out that information.

Check out some of our #BussitChallenge videos below.

Photo: YouTube/Screencap

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