Watch Alexandra Daddario Relive Her On-Screen Kiss with Lady Gaga!

Imagine if a healthy mix of your best and most embarrassing memories were filmed in high def and available for literally anyone to watch. That’s basically Alexandra Daddario’s experience. The actor has been working on pretty iconic projects since she was a kid, (hello, does Percy Jackson ring a bell?) So, like the good sport she is, Alexandra chose to walk down memory lane on Cosmo’s series Breakdown, Breakdown.

This episode was v entertaining since Ms. Daddario’s résumé is STACKED. I’m talking roles in Law & Order, All My Children, Baywatch, American Horror Story, and way more! Thanks to the in-depth Breakdown Breakdown retrospective, Alexandra came to the realization that’s she’s had a ton of super cool co-stars and even more on-screen kisses. “I genuinely forgot I made out with this many people.” There was even one with Lady Gaga (!!!) Check out the full video to see some of Alexandra’s other standout moments on-screen!

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