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The only thing worse than being hungover on Christmas: buying prezzies for a dozen different gift exchanges. Finding cheap gifts that don’t totally suck is tougher than you’d think, especially if you don’t know who your recipient is going to be. However! Funny presents are always a win, and if you’re looking for inexpensive gag gift ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. While you’ll find plenty of useless, bizarro crap on the internet (see: this toilet golf game), the best gag gifts on Amazon are the ones that your lucky recipient will actually use, ’cause chances are they have enough junk in their life already.

White Elephant, Yankee Swap Dirty Santa…whatever TF you choose to call it, the premise is basically the same: You set a budget, you buy a present, and you pray that your selection isn’t the reject gift that literally no one wants. The best way to avoid that fate? Get something funny. But while a reindeer mankini or Santa hat pasties might make your friends lol, they’re probs not the best gag gift ideas for your office Christmas party. Just sayin’.

Want Amazon gifts that are cheap, funny, and not reliant on potty humor? Scroll ahead for the best gift ideas under $50 that’ll help you win your White Elephant exchange this year. And because they’re all from Amazon, you can get ’em shipped in time even if you wait until the last minute (fellow procrastinators, WYA?).

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this truthful mug

I Hate People Retro Coffee Mug

For your fave introvert: this legit cute mug that says it all (and that, as a bonus, also happens to be dishwasher and microwave safe). 


this important calendar

Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings 2022 Day-to-Day Calendar

Created by TikTok star Sarah Cooper, this essential day-to-day calendar will tell ’em all the hacks and buzzwords they need in order to seem like they know WTF is going on. 


these adorbs socks

Sushi Socks Box

Tired: plain ol’ socks. Wired: socks packaged to look like precious lil sushi rolls. 


this raunchy cookbook

Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook

From dripping thighs to mustard-spanked chicken, this v sexy cookbook comes packed with 50 salacious chicken dish recipes that’ll help your recipient ~dominate~ the kitchen. 


this old school phone case

Retro iPhone Cover

Available in pink or black, this genius cover will turn their phone into the retro cell of their dreams, and you can get it to fit any iPhone model. 


these naughty jars

Bathroom Glass Containers

If these cotton ball and Q-tip containers don’t make your recipient at least smirk, then IDK what to tell ya. 


this cheeky cushion

Corgi Butt Throw Pillow

No one will be able to resist this plush lil throw pillow, which is made with cotton and shaped like a precious corgi derrière. 


these funny magnets

Cat Butt Magnets

Speaking of animal butts! Cat lovers will love sticking important papers to their fridge with this set of six magnetic kitty rear ends. 


this witty candle

Don’t Do Meth in Our Bathroom Candle

Help someone make a (very) reasonable request of their guests with this lol-worthy soy wax candle, which smells like a delightfully fruity mix of lemon, orange, and pineapple. 


this gigantic fluffy sweatshirt

Oversized Wearable Blanket Hoodie

A fluffy sherpa blanket that you can wear basically everywhere? I’m sold. 


this coffee table book

This Book Is Literally Just Pictures of Animals Silently Judging You

This book filled with pictures of animals delivering shade is truly a gift that keeps on giving.  


this motion activated toilet light

Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night Light

K, I know I said no potty humor, but this clip-on toilet night light (which will make the inside of their bowl glow in a variety of colors) is too good not to include. 


this light-up sweater

Too Lit to Quit Ugly Christmas Sweater

Find me someone who wouldn’t want this perfect ugly Christmas sweater. I dare you. 


this windproof umbrella

Raining Men Clear Bubble Dome Umbrella

I know the Weather Girls said to leave your umbrellas at home, but they’ll wanna take this cute bubble umbrella everywhere with them.


these cartoon face masks

Pretty Animalz Character Sheet Masks

These adorable as heck essential oil sheet masks will help ’em get in touch with their inner animal. 


this headlight hat

LED Beanie

A hat with a built-in headlamp is funny in concept, but this beanie also happens to be super useful (as well as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things of 2021, jsyk). 


these dual-purpose slippers

Bunny Mop Slippers

These slippers aren’t just super cute—they also have chenille microfiber material on the soles to help your recipient clean up as they shuffle around the house. 


this bad bitch tote bag

Fuel Bottle Handbag

The bad bitch in your life will feel fly as hell toting around this gasoline bottle-shaped leather bag, which comes in a bunch of different color options. 


these beauty sponges

Blending Eggs

These egg-shaped beauty sponges are legit awesome, and the packaging will def trick someone into thinking they’re receiving half-a-dozen eggs. 


these personalized socks

Custom Face Socks

Whether you get ’em printed with their face, your face, their S.O.’s face, or their pet’s face, these custom socks are guaranteed to make your giftee chuckle. 


this nifty wine holder

Portable Suction Cupholder

For that person who loves to sip in the bathroom, this portable suction cup caddy is a must-have. 


this wine lover’s tote

Wine Purse

Slapping the bag gets a whooole new meaning with this insulated wine bag, which can hold up to two bottles of vino. 


this necessary wine goblet

Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

Anyone who loves a heavy pour will appreciate this giant ass wine glass, which holds an entire bottle without judgment. (Last wine-centric gift, promise.)


this essential party tee

Divorce Party T-Shirt

IMHO, this shirt makes an epic gift no matter their current relationship status.  


this bluetooth banana

Banana Phone Bluetooth Handset

This hilarious banana handset pairs with your phone via Bluetooth, letting you take calls, make calls, and play music, all with a banana in hand—plus, proceeds from every sale go towards gorilla conservation efforts. Aww. 


this wearable mermaid tail

Mermaid Tail Sherpa Blanket

Help the aspiring mermaid in your life achieve their dreams with this fuzzy sherpa-lined mermaid tail sleeping bag, which even comes with a detachable shoulder strap. 


this cozy beer holder

Knit Beer Mitt

Professional tailgaters needed this beer-holding knit glove, like, yesterday. 


this hilarious game

Black Card Revoked

Anyone who knows and loves Black American pop culture will have a blast playing this game (and there a tonssss of expansion packs you can add on as well). 


this crass organizer

Sh*t I Can’t Remember Notebook

That person who never has their sh*t together legitimately needs this notebook for scribbling stuff down. 


this not-so-sexy nightshirt

Lingerie Nightgown

FYI, this oversized tee is waaaay cozier than actual negligee (and probably much more fun to open in front of other people). 


this kitty-inspired tarot deck

Cat Tarot: 78 Cards and Guidebook

Ppl who love tarot cards 🤝 Ppl who love cats

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