‘W Hotel’ Sued By Black Manager Who Alleges He Was Called ‘Wakanda’ By ‘Racist’ Resident

At that point, Reeves claims the resident “began to assault him in an attempt to bring him to his feet, forcibly grabbing his arms and wrists. Hotel guests jumped in between the two men and separated them. Still, hotel security did nothing and did not remove (the resident.)

“In a final act of defiance, the resident said he was “calling the police on him,” pulled out his phone, and then did just that.”

It continues, “a delirious and belligerent White customer, called the police on the Black manager on duty. The same type of racially motivated 911 call that attempts to weaponize law enforcement against communities of color, which legislators in California have recently introduced legislation to prevent.”

He continued, “When the police arrived, three white male officers detained him outside of the W Hotel valet for 15 minutes while they check the videotape, refusing to take the word of the manager on duty of his “innocence.” The officers then returned to (Reeves) and acknowledged that the tape showed (and all the witnesses attested) that (the resident) started the altercation and assaulted him.”

Shockingly, Reeves claims he was told by officers if he pressed charges he would most likely taken to jail as well, and says he was threatened with overnight jail time if he took any action.

“Humiliated, (Reeves) told the police that he would “let the situation go” and asked if he could “just” return to work,” the documents state.

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