Unique Wedding Gift Ideas That Dont Include a New Set of Pots and Pans


So, the big day is finally happening (!!!), but what do you even bring as a gift to congratulate the couple? Sure, you could always refer to their wedding registry—that is, unless every item on there hasn’t been claimed already. Or you could go the basic route and get the beautiful couple some pots, pans, knives, or other housewares—as will everyone else. Listen, I’m just saying that if you’re down for some unique wedding gift ideas that no one else is gonna get ’em, then read on, my friend.

From romantic gifts the couple can enjoy to custom keepsakes (like a heartwarming photo collage) and thoughtful presents you know they’re going to use on the daily (like, say, the plushiest bathrobe there ever was), we’ve got a mix of unforgettable wedding gifts to select from. Here, 24 ideas to differentiate yours from the rest.

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An Engraved Ice Bucket

Celebration Ice Bucket

Mark and Graham


Now they can pop open a bottle of wine or champagne in an elegant silver bucket adorned with both of their initials.


A Custom-Printed Collage

Heart Snapshot Mix® Photo Ar

Gather all their most adorable, heartwarming photos, then get them printed on this heart-shaped collage. The frames are also customizable, so there’s a color and style that’ll match their place.


an action camera

HERO9 Waterproof Action Camera

Get ’em a top-quality action camera that they can take along with them on all their future adventures together. 


A Trip to Somewhere Relaxing

Private Villa in Bali

Surprise them with a vacay—whether it’s a week or a weekend—to a place where they can unwind. (Bonus points if it has an infinity pool.)


a gorgeous suitcase

The Frame Carry-On

Arlo Skye


They’re gonna need some nice suitcases to go with all that travel, right? Then let us introduce to you this stunner of a carry-on.


A Friendly Doormat

Vertical Hello Doormat

Calloway Mills


Everyone will instantly feel welcome at their place with a simple doormat that greets them before they even walk in.


A Customizable Map With Cute Pushpins

Custom Linen Map with Personalized Pins



With this personalized map, they can mark all their important life events, like where they said “I do” or where they had their first kiss. Cuuute.


some custom pillows

Custom Pillow

Pluto Pillow


Give the gift of a great night’s sleep every night with a gift card for custom pillows. The couple just needs to fill out a quick questionnaire about their sleep preferences and Pluto will take it from there.


a cozy throw

Champagne Lightweight Throw Blanket



A thick woven throw in this neutral hue will complement any sofa, no matter the color.


some plush bathrobes

Classic Bathrobe

Parachute Home


Gift the newlyweds a pair of super comfy bathrobes that they’ll never want to change out of.


a chic soap set

Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash & Hand Balm Duet



Honestly, a luxurious handsoap and hand balm duo for their new home is the perfect kind of gift anyone would love to receive and yet never think to get for themselves.


some stunning wine glasses

Estelle Colored Glass Stemmed Wine Glass

West Elm


Romantic date nights at home will be more frequent when they have an excuse to use this gorgeous glassware.


A Delicious Wine Subscription

Wine Subscription


Give them a reason to break in their new wine glasses when bottles featuring their fave varietals show up on their doorstep every month.


A Set of Marble-and-Wood Coasters

Ivy Round Marble and Mango Wood Coaster

Mint Pantry


They’ll probably be protective of their new furniture (and with good reason) once they’re all moved in. Meaning: They’ll be super thankful to have modern coasters to prevent those dreaded water rings.


A Membership to Practically Any Fitness Class

ClassPass Subscription


Why pick one class membership when this one gives so many options? Whether they are already a fit couple or just want to be more active, ClassPass lets them choose which workouts they want to do.


A Set of Luxurious Percale Sheets

Percale Venice Set



Once they find out how soft these sheets are, they’ll want to end their honeymoon early just to sleep in them. (Only half kidding.)


a top-rated candle

Santal 26 Classic Candle

Le Labo


Le Labo’s Santal scent is one of the brand’s biggest fan favorites with amazing reviews. Odds are, they’ll be obsessed with this candle and want every room in their place to smell just like it.


some gold planters

Calluna Planter Set

West Elm


The best remedy for a stark white room is a gold planter with a bright green bb in it. If the newlyweds are moving into a brand-new space, this will liven it up.


A Cutting Board Set That Comes With Knives

Upgraded Cheese Cutting Board Set

This isn’t any ole cutting board: It swivels to reveal cheese knives and comes with three white dishes for easy snacking.


A Flower Subscription

Wild About U Bouquet Subscription


With a subscription that gives them access to gorgeous bouquets on the reg, their house will never be without greenery.


A Sleek, Modern Cocktail Set

Mixology Bartender Kit

Even if they’re not super-experienced bartenders, they’ll have fun trying out new drink recipes with this 10-piece tool set.


some soothing bath crystals

Hemp Bath Crystals

Encourage them to indulge in a soothing soak every now and then with some bath crystals. 


some eco-friendly glassware

Hand Blown Glasses

Are they an eco-friendly couple? They’ll love this recycled yet stylish glassware in their kitchen so much, they’ll want to keep it on display. 


A Fancy, Unexpected Bookend

Blended Stone Bookend Object

West Elm


If their ideal weekend scenario involves curling up on the sofa and reading, they’ll think of you every time they reach for a book with this thoughtful gift.

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