Turn Into a Pumpkin This Halloween With These 23 Easy Tutorials

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If you’ve been scouring the internet for Halloween makeup tutorials and just can’t seem to find The One, I’ve got an idea for ya: a pumpkin makeup look. Think about it! With the orange and black colors, a carved pumpkin is so quintessentially Halloween that it’s basically the mascot and would make for the ultimate classic costume. But if you’re like, meh, classic = boring, I’ve got 23 unique pumpkin makeup tutorials below that’ll convince you otherwise. Smashed squash, glam gourds, rotting pumpkins—we’ve got ’em all here to inspire your costume for this year. So start scrolling and carve out some time in your sched to try out these pumpkin makeup tutorials before the big day (er, big night) arrives.

How do you do pumpkin makeup?

Creating a pumpkin makeup is seriously so simple, y’all, but you do need a few signature details to really sell it. Although costume makeup will give you the best results, your everyday products, like cream eyeshadow and a good eyeliner could work, too. Start with an orange base, then draw black triangles around your eyes and nose. Next, add a few vertical lines with a darker orange or black to create the ribs and create the curved shape of a pumpkin. To finish the look with the classic toothy grin of a jack-o’-lantern, extend the corners of your lips with your black color and space out a few square shapes along your mouth.

Now that you’ve got the basics down, add a little ~pizzazz~ to your pumpkin makeup with one of the 23 interpretations below.

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Smashed Pumpkin Makeup

What’s Halloween without smashed pumpkins?! Instead of painting on your typical carved-pumpkin shapes, add a few splits and tears all around with your makeup brush. The more cracks, the creepier.


Rotting Pumpkin Halloween Makeup

If you’re one of the lucky ones who hasn’t seen (or smelled) a rotting pumpkin before, this is exactly what it looks like. The trick to creating mushy skin like this: a combo of cotton balls and liquid latex. If you try this, all I have to say is good luck removing this Halloween makeup at the end of the night.


Glittery Jack-O’-Lantern Makeup

Grab that glitter eyeshadow palette and brush up on your glitter hacks because this pumpkin makeup look is simply not complete without a little (okay, a lot of) ~sparkle~ on your eyes, lips, nose, and hair.


Pumpkin Patch Vine Makeup

If you’re looking for a last-minute costume and need a way to turn your face makeup into a full look (because oops, you don’t have anything to wear), take inspiration from this pumpkin makeup idea. Use body paint to transform yourself into a whole pumpkin patch, vine and all.


Pumpkin Spice Makeup

Add a little *spice* to your classic pumpkin makeup look with an orange hair color wax as the final touch. We love a matching Halloween hairstyle almost as much as we love a PSL.


Easy Pumpkin Eye Makeup

The trick to getting lines this sharp is to first trace your shapes with a lighter colored pencil eyeliner. Once you’ve perfected your outlines around your eye and mouth, darken and define the designs with a black liquid liner.


Melted Pumpkin Makeup

This melted, runny makeup look is what you would get if you left the candle lit in your jack-o’-lantern too long. You could use a full-coverage foundation to make little cartoon-like drips, but 3D gel will give you a more realistic effect.


Scary Squash Makeup

If you want to terrify all of your trick-or-treaters and scar them for life, go with this look! This makeup has everything you need for a scary Halloween costume, creepy contacts, gross goo, you name it.


Cute Jack-O’-Lantern

Not everyone wants blood, guts, and gore on Halloween, okay?! If you like your costumes to be a little lighthearted, go with this cute version of a pumpkin makeup look. Pair a fall makeup trend with a few leaves, a vine or two, and a little orange detailing.


Creepy (But Easy!) Pumpkin Makeup


Half-Face Pumpkin Makeup

Want another genius idea for creating a believable split across your face for a half-pumpkin makeup look? Adhere tissue paper to your skin and cover it with your liquid foundation so it blends in seamlessly.


Floating Pumpkin Makeup

Channel one of those cool Halloween displays and use makeup to create the illusion that your head is floating in the air. Instead of continuing the orange face paint from your Halloween makeup kit down your neck and chest, stop at your chin and camouflage the rest with body paint.


Glam Gourd Makeup

If you’ve done the basics of your pumpkin makeup look and it’s looking a little, well, basic, glam it up with lots of gold highlighter, shimmer, and sparkles.


Pumpkin-Inspired Makeup

Not quite as obvious as some of the others on this list, this look has all the markings of a carved pumpkin (orange stripes and black cut-outs) without being so literal. Actually, between the face contour and smokey eye, this is basically your typical going-out makeup look but with a little more orange and black.


Stitched Pumpkin Makeup With a Stem

This pumpkin makeup tutorial is def worth a watch (or two) to see how it’s done, but here’s a quick tip to help you get a handle on the makeup: Use craft clay to create a lightweight stem.


Squash and Skull Makeup

The opposite of a plump pumpkin, this skull-slash-squash makeup look is what you get if you strip the pumpkin of its fleshy insides. Follow a regular skeleton skull makeup look, but add triangle shapes for the eyes, stripes for the ribs, and lots of orange accents.


Gory Gourd Makeup

When your special-effects makeup skills are this good, you don’t even need orange paint to pull off a convincing pumpkin. Create realistic-look pumpkin carvings like this by molding a special wax on your nose and around your eyes and mouth.


Pumpkin Eye Makeup

If your skin breaks out at the mere thought of covering your face with costume paint, stick with a simple but effective Halloween eye makeup look instead. Use a regular eyeshadow palette with orange shades to create curved pumpkin shapes. Tip: Paint the ridges first with creamy eyeshadow primer to hold the orange pigments in place and make them pop.


Pumpkin Lips Makeup

How cute is this pumpkin lip makeup?! Start with an orange waterproof lipstick so it stays in place all night, then use a dark or black lip liner to draw the triangle, straight line, and squiggle shapes of the eyes, ribs, and mouth.


Scary-Cute Pumpkin

Love this half-face Halloween makeup look? Us, too. Make it spooky on one side with a dramatic “sliced” mouth, and it cute on the other with a soft, diffused eye in warm shades.


Neon Pumpkin Makeup

If you love the way a carved pumpkin looks when it’s lit, let that inspire your Halloween costume with a little neon outline made with white eyeliner and bright shadow that gives your makeup a glow-in-the-dark effect.

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