TRENDING VIDEO! Lady Kneels Down Before Her Boyfriend as He Proposes to Her While Standing – Gistmania

Ok you wanna hear from my own opinion
It doesn’t make any sense for a girl to kneel down and be proposed to…you know this days alot of folks out there lack creativity to propose to a Lady,some prepare a stage act but sometimes end up in a big mess….Even the western world wey una dey imitate thier girls don’t kneel down to be proposed to…The best way and the best setting to propose to a girl is taking her on a romantic dinner trip,Just take her to a nice place and make her feel special,it just comes that after both of you must have been filled in love and you know she can’t decline your request, noting stops you from proposing to her that instant,is not even necessary to kneel down for her,if you want to kneel down  you kneel down,but for me am not kneeling down..
So this one a girl kneeling down to be proposed to,emm I think they are trying to act again,but this one is strange…

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