TikTok Star Michael Le Went Head-to-Head With His Fam For This High-Speed Dance Contest

For this episode of the TikTok Challenge Challenge, TikToker Michael Le enlisted his hilarious fam to join him, because duh, the more the merrier. I gotta say, the Schluv crew has convinced me that this series should always be a family affair. Mom Tina, and all of the sibs: Jonathan, Daniel, and Tiffany were so game for this challenge. They were brave enough to attempt some of the most grueling TikTok dances out there, (no exaggeration, these routines are tough.)

Here on this series, we give our participants 60 seconds to learn the dance they’ve been assigned. If ya can’t grasp it in that minute, tough luck, ’cause after that it’s showtime! The Schluvs had no issue though. Watch to witness how rhythmically blessed they all are, (try not to get too distracted by adorable little Jonathan is hitting all his moves 🥺🥺🥺.)

If you want to see even more of this amazing fam, check out their new show, ‘The Schluv Family’ on Facebook and Instagram!

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