This Is Not a Drill: Some of Meghan Markle’s Fave Sunnies Are in Stock Literally RN

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It’s a known fact that any time Meghan Markle is in public and photographed, whatever she’s wearing at that moment will be out of stock in the blink of an eye. Grabbing a staple item in her wardrobe from its original designer is equivalent to snagging a Telfar bag. We allll know that feeling when you click on the link, and that dreaded “out of stock” button appears. TBH, now that I think about it, Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping might be a little less stressful than buying anything that’s part of the Duchess of Sussex’s closet.

But, let me remind you, it’s not impossible to be the owner of something from Meg’s closet—especially if you’re a fan of her eclectic and trendy sunglasses collection. Although some of her fave designs are currently sold out, there are a few out there that aren’t! And the icing on the cake: They’re available for reasonable prices that won’t break the bank.

Ahead, I’ve gathered some of Meghan’s most iconic shades that are in stock. Right now. As we speak. (Or, well, as I write, and you read, lol.) And just to be extra nice, I also threw in some dupes that are almost carbon copies of her go-to pairs. Ready, set, shop!

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Meghan Markle in a Pair of Yellow Tortoise Frames

Meg attended the Invictus Games in October 2018 where she rocked these fun frames from Illesteva. Unfortunately, the exact color combo that she had on at this event isn’t available for purchase at the moment, but keep scrolling for options!


the same pair in another color

Palm Beach Sunglasses, Sand/Grey



These are *the* sunnies that Meghan had on, but just in a different colorway. It comes in nine (!!!) other shades and designs, so you definitely have a variety to choose from. 


these extravagant alternatives


Coco and Breezy


Even though these specs from Coco and Breezy aren’t spot on, they are a similar hue and are definitely just as bold. If you’re absolutely obsessed with the lighter-colored pattern like she had and you’re into unconventional shapes, this one just may be your match.


Meghan Markle in Sleek, Cat-Eye Sunglasses

When Meghan was living in the UK full-time, it was rare for her to make an appearance in the states. Before she gave birth to lil bb Archie though, she took a trip over to New York City where she celebrated her baby shower wearing the chicest cat-eye sunglasses from Le Specs. And good news: They’re in stock and can be part of your collection!


the same pair that meghan has

Air Heart Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Le Specs


Honestly, if you don’t add these beauties to your cart RTFN, you will most definitely regret it. They’re glossy, oversized, and feature black-out lenses which makes ’em the perfect accessory for any ‘fit—especially if you’re going for the bougie, but on a budget lewk.


this brown option

Liar Lair Cat-Eye Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

Le Specs


Maybe you want to be more out-of-the-box and are looking to try sunglasses that aren’t just big and black, but you still want that muted aesthetic. We suggest these ones that still have the cat-eye style, but come in a brown-and-grey finish.


Meghan Markle in Rounded Aviator-Style Specs

While at the 2018 Invictus Games in Australia, Meghan stepped out in Krewe’s stand-out twist on the classic aviator sunglasses (aka the Gravier) that has a more circular-shaped frame and a brow bar detail.

It looks like the brand doesn’t sell that certain design anymore, but we’ve got a couple of promising dupes for you that are practically the same thing!


this one that’s basically the twin of meghan’s

Clio Nylon

I had to do a double-take to make sure that this wasn’t the same pair that Meg wore when she was visiting the Land Down Under. It literally has the same bridge, brow bar detail (just in gold color), and round lenses. The best part is that they’re made by the same company so it’s like you’re pretty much getting exactly what Meghan wore.


these funky lenses


Warby Parker


IMO, this is like the identical twin of what Meghan had on. This isn’t precisely how the OG ones looked like, but who would know? And fun fact about these ones from Warby is that there’s also the option to make them prescription sunglasses for those who want a two-in-one deal.


Meghan Markle in Monochromatic Black Shades

The former Duchess of Sussex had on these sophisticated shades from Illesteva when she went to the 2018 Wimbledon Tennis Championships in London. Fast forward to three years later, they’re still a hot commodity and very much obtainable on Illesteva’s site RN!


the same pair that meghan has




It’s very surprising (and clutch!) that these gems are still stock on Illesteva’s site. They also have a BUNCH of color selections if you’re interested in a pair that’s more vibrant.


this marbled pair

Hayes Wide

Warby Parker


You can score these ones from Warby Parker that have that same simple, fashionable vibe for less than $100. They have quality additions like durable polycarbonate and scratch-resistant lenses that block 100 percent of UV rays, so you know you’ll definitely be getting more bang for your buck.

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