These Under-$25 Gifts Will Make Everyone on Your List Happy


There’s no written rule that great gifts have to come with a hefty price tag. In fact, some of the most thoughtful gifts that someone is more likely to actually use—like a reusable cutlery set or a convenient travel laundry bag—are pretty budget-friendly. So if your holiday shopping list is overflowing with people to shop for, but your bank account isn’t exactly overflowing with cash, never fear! There are tons of cost-effective options to shop for this holiday season.

And listen: Just because you’re being mindful of your budget, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for random trinkets from the dollar aisle that don’t mean anything to the person you’re shopping for. It’s totally possible to find a considerate gift that speaks to your loved one’s personality type. If they’re all about a solid self-care moment, a hand-poured candle that smells amazing will make a strong impression. Meanwhile, the coffee drinker in your life will love discovering new beans from an undiscovered roaster.

To streamline your search for affordable-yet-thoughtful presents, we searched high and low for some selections that are sure to satisfy just about everyone on your list. Best of all, these picks clock in under $25, so you won’t have to fear your credit card bill come January. Odds are you’ll probably find a few inexpensive goods that are worth shopping year-round, from birthdays to bachelorette parties. Be sure to bookmark this list for the near future! (Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, after all.)

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for the design maven

Kaya Striped Ceramic Cups

They’ve got an eye for design and could probably have their own show on HGTV. Get ’em a cute ceramic cup that’ll elevate their cupboard.


for the skincare pro

Charcoal Detox Mask

If they’ve got an intense skincare routine, treat them to a detoxifying mask that renews and refreshes. It’ll be their new weekly self-care indulgence. 


for the makeup master

The Warrior Eyeshadow Palette

Their face is always flawless and you secretly wish you could hire them to be your personal makeup artist. A gal can dream, right? This neutral palette is a no-fail choice. 


for the meditator

It’s been a DAY! Candle

Know someone who has a regular meditation practice? Get them an aromatic candle to light during their next moment of zen. 


for the globetrotter

Wash Me Travel Bag

Few things are more annoying than dealing with dirty laundry when you’re on the go. A handy travel wash bag keeps you organized and helps you stay sane.


for the fashionista

The Little Dictionary Of Fashion

This book looks great on a coffee table, but it’s also just a super interesting read. The fashion lover in your life won’t be able to get enough! 


for the homebody

2-Pack Cozy Socks

Because you can never have too many cozy socks. I mean, facts are facts. 


for the note taker

Wildflowers Large Memo Notepad

Sometimes you’ve gotta put pen to paper in order to know what the heck is going on your life. This adorable notepad would make for a practical yet stylish addition to any desk space.


for the coffee enthusiast

No Skips Coffee

This Black-0wned business has some incredible roasts that even the pickiest of coffee drinkers will appreciate. You can buy them a subscription for a super thoughtful gift that truly keeps on giving.


for the athlete

Massage Therapy Ball Set

When you can’t quite reach those kinks in your back, a tiny massage ball makes all the difference. Your friend who’s always at the gym will thank you for this handy tool. 


for the dog parent

Fourteen Fanny Pack

We all know at least one person who’s certifiably obsessed with their dog. This stylish fanny pack is perfect for long walks with Fido because it fits the necessities: phone, keys, and doggie bags! 


for the glamazon

Athena Magnetic Lashes

Faux lashes are notoriously challenging to wear and even more of a hassle to take off. Treat your beauty loving BFF to some magnetic lashes that are oh-so easy to apply and remove. 


for the meal prepper

Stainless Steel Food Container

Gotta grab lunch on the go? Skip the plastic baggies and upgrade their storage situation with convenient (and aesthetically pleasing) containers.  


for the sustainability expert

Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set

They stopped using plastic straws years ago and know how to compost like a total pro. If they don’t have a reusable cutlery set yet, this makes for the perfect gift for anyone who’s made sustainability a key part of their lifestyle. 


for everyone

The Everyday Tote

This mesh tote is a step above the typical canvas tote, with bright colors that make a statement wherever you go. Plus, it has pockets and is made with recyclable materials.

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