These College Gift Ideas Are SO Cute They Kinda Make Me Want to Go Back to School


College can be just a liiittle overwhelming. I mean, you’re tasked with figuring out what you want to do with your life while also balancing your classes, papers, tests, and possibly a part-time job. On top of all this, you’re probably building new friendships and making those ~mems~. Some added difficulties for students this year—we’re all living through a global pandemic right now, and attending class and living on campus is all up in the air.

This is a LOT. But treating college students with thoughtful or practical gifts can help them get through all of this. Whether it’s a coffee maker that’ll help them save money or a desk organizer to keep their space tidy and cute, a small gesture can go a long way.

If you wanna make their day-to-day college experience less stressful, read on for 35 best gifts for college students.

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If they need a care package

Beauty & Self-Care Subscription Box



It’s gonna suck when they run out of the essentials. But that won’t happen if you gift them a monthly subscription like this one filled with everything from deodorant to razors to makeup.


if they run on caffeine

K15 Coffee Maker



They’ll be forever grateful for a Keurig that makes a fast cup of Joe when they’re cramming for an exam. Plus, the mini size is perfect for a college dorm or smaller room.


if they need organization

Rose-Gold Desk Organizer



They won’t have a cluttered desk thanks to this rose-gold tray that fits all sorts of office supplies.


if they love changing their case

Sassy Oranges In A Bowl iPhone Skin



The ones who change their cell phone case as often as they switch their nail color will love adding this adorable case to their collection.


if they finally have their own kitchen

12-Piece Aluminum Cookware Set

Rachael Ray


Cooking can be a hassle when you have a shared kitchen, but if they’re in their own apartment, they’ll definitely use a cookware set—especially one in a gorge blue shade.


if they have lots of thoughts

CEO Notebook



A journal is a great present where they can take time away from their busy schedules, self-reflect, and write down their goals.


if they want a break from the bakcpacks

Oroo Tote



A pretty bag that can hold their laptop and books will definitely come in handy when they’re making trips to the library.


if they’re into athleisure

Workout Tank Tops



Workout tanks are ideal for any kind of activity, whether it’s running, lifting, or yoga. This set includes three pieces that are so comfy, they’ll want to wear ’em to class too.


if they like to be cozy

High-Waist Yoga Pants



Speaking of being comfortable, a pair of leggings is the perfect present for students. It has a convenient phone pocket and lots of stretch, and they can wear it everywhere.


if they hate doing laundry

Clothing Refresher

Laundry day in college = lugging it to a washing machine in the basement or a laundromat five minutes away. It’s annoying. A quick spritz of this guy, and lightly worn clothing will smell like new so they can procrastinate just a bit longer on washing their things.


if they want color in their room

Mini White Ceramic Succulent Planter Pot Set

StarPack Home

Rooms can be uninviting when the walls are stark white and there aren’t any decorations. Liven theirs up with a trio of baby succulents!


if they want a nice sheet set

Percale Sheet Set

Riley Home


Sometimes a fresh set of crisp sheets and pillowcases makes a world of difference. This percale set will make them feel like they’re in a luxurious hotel and not sharing their space with a roommate.


if they’re running to class

Tree Dashers



College classes can be back-to-back and sometimes they’ve gotta get to their next one waaay across campus. A pair of super-comfortable, bouncy sneaks definitely makes the trek easier.


if they want more storage

Matte Black Double Hook

You can’t get through the dorm room experience without a plethora of Command hooks. They save floor space, they’re easy to use, and some styles are upgraded with matte metal or brass so they look polished. This black double hook is perfect for scarves, keys, or whatever else they wanna hang up.


if they have heavy textbooks

Metro Backpack

MZ Wallace


A soft quilted backpack will make carrying all their sh*t so much more manageable, and this style will last even beyond college.


if they’re always freezing

Electric Blanket Heated Throw

A plush heated blanket will be a game changer in their lives, , especially in the wintertime.


if they’re love tunes

One SL

A Bluetooth speaker is basically a must-have when they wanna turn up their favorite song.


if they’re sentimental

Everyday Photo Book

Artifact Uprising


A stylish photo book they can keep their most prized pics in makes a great gift—and it happens to look so good on any table.


if they love to lounge

Silky Satin Pajamas Short-Sleeve Set


Give them a comfy striped pj set for those late-night study sessions or just for when they don’t want to leave their room.


if they like to take pics

Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera with Film Twin Pack Bundle



Polaroids aren’t going away anytime soon! They’ll love having this mini Instax around to document all the good times.


if they walk everywhere

Women’s Ballet Flat

Amazon Essentials


A flexible pair of metallic flats is ideal for long days spent on their feet around campus, but they’re pretty enough to wear out too.


if they like a polished mani

Salon Gel Polish – Starter Kit

Sally Hansen


An easy way for a college student to save money is doing their own nails. Give them the gift of an at-home nail salon with a kit that includes an LED lamp, nail file, acetone remover, gel nail polish, and more.


if their phone is always dying

Gold MIXIT Metallic COLORMATCH Charge K

With a car charger, wall charger, and external charger, they can make sure their phone is on 100 percent at all times.


if they’re a lil homesick

Scented Candle, Illinois



Give them a little piece of home with a candle from their state. Each one includes distinct scents representative of each place; this one features notes of “honeysuckle, lavender, and violets with hints of grain fields.”


if tea is their thing

Kati Cup, Lotus

Tea Forte


Coffee not for them? A pretty mug made for sipping hot tea will be their go-to whenever they need a little pick-me-up.


if they’re super spirited

Tailgate UNC Tar Heels Slub Jersey T-Shirt

American Eagle


They love representing their school, so get them a shirt with their college colors, like a cute striped tee.


if they’re low on time

Nutrient Extractor



They might not have a lot of time to grab something, but a lightning-fast blender gives them a healthy smoothie they can take on the go.


if they want a durable shoe

Women’s Phoenix™ Lace Boot

Whether it’s raining or snowing or just plain chilly, you can’t go wrong with a classic combat boot that is waterproof and holds up through anything.


if they want to cook

Recipes Every College Student Should Know

An easy cookbook that has recipes for healthy snacks, meals, and desserts will get their culinary skills goin’.


if they want to treat themselves

Coconut Coffee Scrub

frank body


For their self-care Sundays, a kit that includes an exfoliating coffee scrub is one they’ll use consistently.


if they need encouragement

Tie One On Turquoise Bracelet

Roxanne Assoulin


A small but sentimental bracelet that motivates them on even the worst of days is definitely a special present.


if they’re cooking up a storm

Glass Food Storage Containers

Utopia Kitchen


A college student can NEVER have too much Tupperware, and if they usually meal-prep, these blue-accented glass ones will keep them organized.


if they like personalization

Script Nameplate

Bauble Bar


A personalized everyday piece of jewelry feels thoughtful. Plus you can also choose the metal and chain to get the perfect color and length.


if they forget to hydrate

Motivational Glass Water Bottle

Downing eight glasses a day is a little harder than you think, but a water bottle like this makes sure even the busiest college student gets proper hydration.

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