These Chic AirPod Cases Might Actually Complete Your Outfit


Not gonna lie, if I lose my Apple AirPods one more time, I will freak out. I’ve already done all that I could to help prevent this from happening again: I’ve prayed; I’ve stuck stickers onto the white plastic shell to signify that those are, indeed, mine; and did I mention I’ve even prayed? Yup, I’ve done everything that I could to ensure that my headphones remain unlost, except maybe the most obvious thing: Get me a cute AirPod case.

It has only recently come to my attention that a cover can do much more than just protect it from the forces of gravity, hazardous coffee spills, or general dirt and grime. A case would also give your precious earbuds some personality, making them more identifiable and harder to misplace. Heck, there are even some cases designed to be worn around you, like a lanyard. (And we love the idea of a teeny tiny micro bag, don’t we?)

There are tons of cute ones floating around on the World Wide Web, but I’m bringing 20 of the best AirPod cases to your attention. From bougie, designer selects to cases with cheeky prints and custom engravings—have your pick (or five) from the list, below.

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this baguette-style

Baguette-motif AirPods Pro case



Fendi baguette bags are back in style, full-force. So of course they had to make an AirPods Pro case with the classic Fendi logo front and center on it—just like the iconic bag, itself.


this pretty blue one

Starlight Blue Saffiano AirPod Pro Case

The Daily Edited


Believe me, you won’t be able to find another top-quality leather AirPod case (that you can customize with your initials!) at this price again.


A bespoke case

Custom AirPods Case with Ring



The possibilities are endless with CASETiFY’s offering of customizable cases. The best part is you can design yours all online (and from the comfort of your own couch).


this funny one

Lost AirPods – White



But if customizing isn’t your thing, then you can have your pick of loadsssss of other cases on their site. This one, in particular, is especially cute (and cheeky, in case you misplace yours for just a second).


this leather lanyard

Black AirPod Lanyard

The Daily Edited


fancy, initial-engraved lanyard that keeps your AirPods safe? Yes, please!


This aesthetic pick

AirPod Pro Case

Richmond & Finch


If you’re Team Marble Everything, then here’s the case for you.


This ~designer~ lanyard

AirPod Pro Holder

3.1 Phillip Lim


And if you want a de$igner lanyard option, there’s this olive one that admittedly has my heart.


this super chic pick

Watch Out AirPod Case

What do you do when your headphones are chicer than your #OOTD? Step up the rest of your wardrobe, naturally.


This v elegant one

AirPods lanyard pouch bag



Yes, I see that price tag. But I also see that gold hardware, smooth leather, and sleek silhouette that looks like you’re just carrying a tiny, très chic purse.


This one with complimentary personalization

The AirPods Pro Case

Maison de Sabré


This blue is just too pretty. Good thing you can make it a set with the matching phone case and cardholder, too!


this piece of artwork

Creation of Adam AirPod Pro Case



If you prefer a hardshell case, get you one with a cool design on it, like this “Creation of Adam” one.


this commuter-friendly choice

Leather AirPod Case

Add this sleek leather case to the handle of your fave bag—promise it won’t ruin your lewk.


this ~fashun~ one

Diag Silicon AirPods Pro Cover



 For Off-White stans, here’s a silicon Airpod case that’s as stylistic as it is protective.


this expen$ive-looking one

Green Leopard Full Protective Cover


If you want a super luxe-looking cover, then go for this under-$30 steal.


This barely-there case

Rose AirPods Case

Or if you’re looking for something that’s not as bulky as an uberly protective case, snag this thinner one.


this super glam cover

Wild Snake Print AirPod Case



This snake print case comes with a gold keychain ring so you can attach it to your keys or purse for safe-keeping.


this no-fuss option

AirPods Pro Leather Case

Native Union


Simple, sleek, and gets the job done. 


this neutral option

Pumpkin Spice

If you want to make sure your case ~goes with everything~ might I interest you in one in all the shades of brown?


this personalized one

Apple Air Pods Case, Personalised Dropshadow Initial



Less than $30 and totally personalized? Ok!


this winged one

Vintage Butterfly Airpods Case

Velvet Caviar


Butterflies are having a damn moment, so why not hop on the trend with this cute AirPod Pro case?

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