The Sexiest Crotchless Panties to Spice Up Your Lingerie Collection


There’s something unequivocally sexy about throwing on some lingerie. Sure, you may plan out a sultry little number for Valentine’s Day, a special anniversary, or date night, but that’s not what I’m getting at here. I’m talkin’ about that regular day when you wake up in the morning with the overwhelming urge to just feel hot. If you know that feeling all too well, it’s time to spice up your lingerie collection with some crotchless panties — because, honey, if you haven’t tried ’em yet, you’re missing out.

Now, listen here: these panties won’t just spice up your lingerie collection, they’ll also spice up your sex life. A two-for-one deal? Hey, I’ll take it. But you can’t just throw “best crotchless panties” into Google and buy the first ones that pop up. Why? Well, if you’re planning to use them, well, erm, during the act, you need a good quality pair to avoid any ~uncomfy~ material or unexpected irritation. So to make your life a little easier and your sex life a lot hotter, I’ve rounded up the sexiest crotchless undies on the market so you, or your S.O., can have a little extra fun in the bedroom.

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this pearl thong

Crotchless String of Pearls Thong

Starting off the list with a little extra bling, Queen RiRi presents you with this crotchless lace string of pearls thong that screams eyes down here.


this backless lace panty

Kane Overt Bikini Panties

If your booty wants a moment to shine as well, these black lace panties by Thistle and Spire will highlight your back end, and, well, you know where else.  


this pop of color

Daria Crotchless Thong

You can snag this sexy little green number in a gorge amethyst tone too for a real eye-catching pop of color. It’s available in sizes 12-20. 


these wine-colored undies

Ouvert Panty

Journelle makes some of the best lingerie on the market, IMO. So, lucky for all of us searchin’ for some undies sans the crotch, they make a pretty hot pair in this Bordeaux color. 


this luxe thong

Lace Ouvert Thong

This lace ouvert thong leaves very little to the imagination, but, hey, that’s what makes it so damn sexy. PSA: it may take your entire paycheck to pay for this little bit of fabric, but it’s just so hot, so, like, that’s justified, right?! 


this sparkly panty

Mesh Crotchless High Leg Bikini

If you want a little more coverage as you dip your toes into the crotchless-underwear-world, RiRi does it again with this adorable mesh and sparkly high leg bikini. Purple not so much your color? Oh, no worries, it’s available in 24 others too. 


this classic black lace panty

Sexy Thong Bikini Panties

Lace, see-through, and crotchless? The ultimate recipe for a hot night with your boo (or yourself). 


this red hot panty

Dream Angels Crotchless Lace Cheekini Panty

A lingerie list wouldn’t be complete without the OG. Victoria’s Secret comes in clutch with this sexy little crotchless cheekini, complete with a bow for that extra oomph.


this bow-adorned g-string

After Midnight Racy Illusion Crotchless G-String

A G-String is unanimously hot. But combine it with lace and a bow, and you’ve got yourself a winner. 


this lace cutout panty

Magnolia Lace Ouvert Panty

Fleur du Mal has mastered the art of beautiful lingerie, so it’s no surprise here that their ouvert panty is totally gorge.


this matching set

Sheer Lace Underwire Bralette Bra and Shorts

Other than the fact that this is a two-for-one deal, it will literally cost you less than your lunch to buy this beautiful lace underwire bralette and crotchless panty set. The best part? There are over 30 different color combos.


this pearl and lace thong

Sydney Dark Double Strand Pearl Thong

I guess pearls are a theme in the crotchless panties world. Just make sure you move them to the side to avoid them slipping anywhere they don’t belong…if you catch my drift. 


this sweet cutout panty

Lorna Ouvert Panty

Why have only have one peek-a-boo when you can have several? Agent Provocateur is one of the leaders in sexy lingerie, after all.


this sheer cutout panty

Coucou Lola Culotte

These may be some of the most flattering undies ever, according to some very satisfied reviews. Another bonus is the fact that they have a lot more flexibility in the opening. 


this leather panty

Montana Ouvert Panty

Um, I was today years old when I learned that leather panties exist. 


this sexy one-piece

Whisper Sweet Nothings Coucou Bodysuit

Hey, crotchless lingerie isn’t just limited to the panties. Snag yourself this sexy neon pink little number for a full on lewk


this asymmetrical panty

Adore Wild Orchid Panty

For under 10 bucks, you can snag this asymmetrical sheer panty for yourself or your S.O. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal.

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