The Secret to the Perfect DIY Blowout? One of These 10 Round Brushes

Khadija Horton

K, this might be an unpopular opinion, but I’m of the belief that people who hate round brushes just aren’t using the right one. Like, yes, it can be a little tricky to give yourself an at-home blowout at first, but after you (A) watch a few guided YouTube tutorials and (B) find the right round brush for your hair type, I promise you’ll get salon-level results every single time. IMHO it doesn’t even matter how fancy or basic your blow dryer is—whether you’re looking for big, bouncy volume or sleek-as-hell texture, you’ll be able to totally customize your end results when you start with one of these 10 best round brushes, ahead. DW, you—and your fine-as-hell hair—can thank me later.

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Best Round Brush for Volume

T3 Volume Round Brush

If you’re after seriously good volume, you really can’t go wrong with this round brush from T3. It comes in three sizes (2, 2.5, and 3 inches—the longer your hair, the wider you should go), all of which have a ceramic-coated barrel to help retain heat and smooth your hair as you blow-dry. Translation: You’ll be able to easily shape and enhance your volume throughout the entire styling process.


Best Round Brush for Curls

Ibiza Hair Extended Cork Round Brush

If you’ve ever gotten a round brush straight-up tangled in your curly hair, you’re already well aware that bristle type matters. Instead of grabbing a brush with short plastic bristles that can snag your hair, look for a wide boar-bristle brush like this one. The bristles are flexible yet dense, so they’ll gently grip your curls and smooth them out as you roll, leaving you with a soft blowout. 


Best Round Brush for Bangs

Spornette Mini Styler 3/4 Inch Round Brush Nylon Bristles

As anyone who’s attempted to blow-dry their bangs knows well, using a bulky brush on such a tight area can be v difficult (if not impossible). But that’s where this itty-bitty round brush comes into play—it’s got a 3/4-inch barrel that slips easily under your bangs and soft, nylon bristles for flyaway-free styling.


Best Hair Brush for Coils

Denman Classic Styling Brush 7 Rows D3

Remember when I said round brushes aren’t super great for curls? Yeah, same goes for coils (unless you’re into potential breakage. Fun). Instead, try playing around with the tension method and a Denman brush the next time you blow-dry your hair. The nylon bristles on this cult-favorite brush create the perfect amount of tension to help stretch your hair without pulling or snagging.


Best Round Brush for Fine Hair

Olivia Garden Eco Ceramic Soft Bristles Round Thermal Hair Brush

Trust me: The last thing you want to do to your fine or damaged hair is hit it with a blow dryer and a massive round brush—the combination of high heat and heavy, tugging bristles is a no-go (esp if you’re worried about hair growth). The super-fine bristles on this round brush means you’ll get soft tension (read: no pulling) and the ceramic-coated barrel helps distribute heat for faster styling.


Best Round Brush for Wavy Hair

R+Co Round Brush 4

Yes, this round brush is definitely on the pricier side, but if you’re trying to create soft, undone waves with a hair dryer, you kinda, sorta, definitely need to try it. The magic lies in two things: the natural boar bristles (which help distribute your hair’s natural oils) and the lightweight, ergonomic body (which makes it easy to hold during the styling process).


Best Round Brush for Long Hair

Cricket Technique Tourmaline Thermal Round Brush

It’s true: The longer and thicker your hair, the wider your round brush should be. This classic brush from Cricket has a 2.5-inch barrel, making it the perfect width for your ultra-long hair. Speaking of the barrel, this bb is thermal—which means it helps evenly distribute heat while you style. Score.


Best Boar Bristle Round Brush

Raincry Smooth 2.0 Medium Pure Bristle Brush

Boar-bristle brushes are a genius way to get soft tension that doesn’t leave you with frizz or flyaways, and this round brush from Raincry is no exception. Its spiral design makes it way easy to twirl through your hair, leaving you with shiny, straight pieces every time. And, because the base is wooden, not metal, it won’t add as much heat damage during your blowout. 


Best Round Brush for Shiny Blowouts

Hot Tools 1” ProStyler Double Bristles Round Brush

You know when you blow-out your hair and it looks kinda…dull? Yeah, this round brush is basically the secret to avoiding that. Working in sections, brush your hair and hit it with a dryer and it’ll work to build the perfect amount of volume, shape, and shine. And did I mention that shine actually lasts? Because it really lasts.


Best Hair Dryer Round Brush

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer

Presenting: A hot round brush that styles your hair as you brush it. Yes, that means you can literally run and twirl this bb through damp hair, and it’ll leave you with a sleek and ultra-soft blowout, zero skills required. And I’m not just saying that—peep the hundreds of glowing reviews on TikTok to see the hype.

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