The Movie Shows The Dire Consequences Of Failed Parenting

An ecosystem capped with diseases has a 100 per cent chance of being overpowered just like Nimbe who is overpowered by circumstances in this movie.

Nimbe is a titular character by a teenage boy with much less parental love and concern as many kids around him. He will find an alternative to these emotional needs elsewhere – the street.

Nimbe: The Movie

The real portrait painted by the street gang theme in Nimbe – The Movie is:

Abuse – the introduction into a street gang by an older neighbour whom he meets by chance.

Relevance – Nimbe gets the attention that no one on earth should be getting in that manner. Hooliganism and thuggery are what wakes him up every morning.

Drug – Consolation and free dopamine like he has never had at home or school.

Such life isn’t void of consequences and accompanying challenges.

Nimbe at home

So much so, the abuse at home is unforgivable. What father would be more unapologetic and verbally abusive to his son, Nimbe as Bayo, (Adekola Odunlade) is?

He is numb to the daily beating of his mother by Bayo his addicted gambler of a father.

Nimbe at School

Nimbe is a senior high school student. At home, Nimbe would paint to stand the roughness but in school, he doesn’t get that luxury. He is ceaselessly bullied and landed the nickname ‘Nimbecile’.

Consequently, low-self esteem brews in Nimbe. Dysfunctionality in homes, strength and weakness are regular Nollywood movie themes, but Nimbe just expressed them better.

The character structure in Nimber is particularly eccentric. The dire consequences of failed parenting are swimming all over the themes of Nimbe.

The Nimbe and Ralph pair isn’t quite charming but feels deep even for viewers. What they have in common, what they share, their dependence on each other and on drugs is heartfelt.

Nimbe: The Movie was an official selection in various International film festivals.

Nimbe: The Movie also won the awards for the Best Actor at the Real Time International Film Festival in 2019.

Director: Tope Alake

Nimbe: The Movie Stars: Broda Shaggi, Chimezie Imo, Doyin Abiola, Kelechi Udegbe, Odunlade Adekola, Rachel Okonkwo, Sani Danja, Toyin Abraham.

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