The Latest Developments in the Madeleine McCann Case and What They Mean to Her Still-Hopeful Parents – E! Online

“This is the only time in 13 years that police have been so specific about a suspect, down to the phone numbers, vehicles and particularly with a known individual,” said Clarence Mitchell, a former BBC reporter who for awhile was the McCanns’ full-time representative and still speaks for the family when needed.

Gerry and Kate “were coping as best as they can but want the focus to remain on the police investigation,” Mitchell said, adding, “They still remain hopeful.”

Kate told Sky News in 2017, “You don’t realize how strong you are until you have no option, and I think that’s very true. Obviously massive events like this cause a lot of reaction, a lot of trauma and upset, but ultimately you have to keep going. And especially when you’ve got other children involved.”

“I think before Madeleine was taken, we felt we had managed to achieve a little perfect nuclear family of five,” added Gerry, with a small smile. He cleared his throat. “And we had that for a short period…You adapt and you have a new normality and, unfortunately for us, our new normality at the minute is a family of four.”

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