The Evil Eye teasers for November 2020: Watch the enticing episodes

People who are scared of sleeping alone in the dark should watch the scary episodes described in The Evil Eye teasers for November 2020 to overcome the phobia of darkness. The characters speak to the dead, and the witch vanishes with a dead body. The series is recommended for lovers of horror stories.

New! The Evil Eye teasers for November 2020. Photo: GOtvUganda (modified by author)
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Horror movies, novels and drama series are among the best-selling entertainment content in the world. The actors of these entertaining films are also paid higher salaries than prominent actors of romantic drama series and other types of films. Indian horror series and movies are as exciting and fun to watch as Hollywood films.

The Evil Eye teasers for November 2020

The Evil Eye horror television series has an enticing story that makes it fun to watch. The twists and turns in the events are spiced by terrifying scenes of witches, spirits and the dead. The series is not meant to scare you to death but to entertain you to the fullest.

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28/11/2020: Saturday (Episodes 1-2)

A gorgeous witch kills people using dark magic because she wants to maintain beautiful, youthful looks eternally. Anshs mother believes in superstitions; therefore, she senses bad omen and gets worried about dark forces that might ruin his future. Ansh pulls himself together when an enchantress gets into the house. He does not want his mother to notice that he is uneasy with the enchantresss presence.

The Evil Eye teasers

New! The Evil Eye teasers for November 2020. GIF:, (modified by author)
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29/11/2020: Sunday (Episodes 3-4)

Confusion and worry set into the family when Anshs mother collapses. She regains consciousness later and reveals to everyone how a witch named Mohona killed Mridul in the past. Vedasree explains further about the cause of Mohonas death, and she visits the grave later to verify the information.

30/11/2020: Monday (Episodes 5-6)

Mohona keeps a watchful eye on Vedasree and her family while Preethis spirit reveals to Ansh and his friends about what leads to her death. Ansh and his cousins witness horrifying supernatural events that make them flee from the spot to save their lives. The forensic medical professionals are taken aback when the witch sneaks into the hospital and disappears with Preethis dead body.

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The Evil Eye teasers

New! The Evil Eye teasers for November 2020. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Mohona wants to stay youthful; therefore, she sets out to kill as people using witchcraft. The people she kills give her more magic ability to remain young and vibrant. Preethi is dead, but her spirit appears to Anash and his friends to expose the cause of her death. Later, Mohana gets into the hospital and vanishes with Preethis body. Did she kill Preethi? Is this how she erases pieces of evidence of the murders she commits?


She worries about her sons future when she suspects a bad omen. Anash is scared of showing fear in front of her mother when the enchantress gets into the house. Later, Vedasree faints and receives visions about the cause of Mohonas death in the past life. Mohona keeps an eye on her and the family after she regains consciousness and spills the beans.

The captivating episodes of The Evil Eye teasers for November 2020 air on Star Life daily at 22h00 and 22h30. The content of the series is created for adults. Please keep children away from this series if you desire to have a peaceful night after the show.

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