'The Bella Twins' Star Nikki Bella Shows Off New Heartwarming Photos Of Baby Matteo!!

As we said, Matteo’s father is preparing to hit the stage this week and has had to quarantine himself away from his family due to COVID-19.
Finally got situated in my trailer for the next, hopefully, 11 weeks, the dance pro posted.
He continued, Welcome to my house. I need to swap those pictures behind me to Nicole and Matteos pictures, obviously, to feel like Im actually home.
Todays an exciting day, Were shooting our opening number, plus were doing our first pictures with our celebrity partners. Excited to do that and finally maybe share with you, I guess on the 14th still, who were dancing with. Its getting closer. I think theres only two days of rehearsals left and then theres showtime so get excited,” he wrote about ‘DWTS.’

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