‘The Bachelor’ Season 25, Episode 2: We Need to Talk About “Queen” Victoria

Because she’s been there and done that, literally, former Bachelor contestant/tear fountain Ashley Iaconetti is recapping this season of The Bachelor for Cosmopolitan. With insider insight as well as a clear eye for what’s going down both in front of and behind the cameras, she’s got a whole lot to say…and you’re gonna wanna hear it.

This post contains spoilers for last night’s (1/11/2021) episode of The Bachelor.

You guys…What. Is. Going. On? Is Victoria a hired actress? Seriously! I’m actually wondering about this. Because for someone who waltzed in calling herself a queen, I thought she’d have a sense of humor about herself, but nope, she has zippo! (For the record, during my involvement with the show and based on everything else I know, there has NEVER been such a thing as a hired plant.)

There’s this feeling that takes over me when I watch Victoria that I have a hard time explaining. It’s just so hard to see someone behave the way she does with a straight face. Most Bachelor villains give off the vibe that they know what they’re doing. They laugh in interviews, crack smiles, and have a certain slyness in their eyes. (See: Corinne Olympios, Courtney Robertson, Chad Johnson.) Nothing about Victoria makes her someone we love to hate.

Victoria is offended by everything and doesn’t give anyone any grace. She’s not open to conversations, as we see when she won’t even sit next to Marylynn. The smallest remark absolutely outrages Victoria, and she speaks in such an incredibly defensive tone that I feel like she’s going to come through the TV and start barking at me. And yet, for some reason, Matt seemingly trusts her more than the very well-adjusted Marylynn.

Apparently the drama between Victoria and Marylynn that really escalated at the cocktail party began with a conversation about getting to know each other. Victoria claims that Marylynn was rude when she allegedly said, “I’d like to pick your brain and understand you and see why you act the way you do.” Victoria says those were Marylynn’s words verbatim, but none of Victoria’s behavior leads me to believe her about this. And even if that is what Marylynn said, it doesn’t at all justify Victoria blowing up the cocktail party and accusing her of being the most toxic, negative person. I’m seriously confused as to how Matt can take anything Victoria says seriously.

Matt is seriously SLAYING the Bachelor role, except in this one instance. He seems to be interpreting Victoria’s claims as more valid than Marylynn’s defense. I could feel Marylynn’s heart sinking when Matt pulled her aside to explain the situation. Normally in this she-said/she-said situation we’d see both girls stick around for at least another week or so. I’m scared that because he’s not used to in-house fighting and because of the tension we see towards Victoria (WHO IS STILL THERE) in the teaser for next week, he may eliminate Marylynn based on this wildness made up in Victoria’s head. Could this be the huge downside to Matt’s franchise inexperience?

Craig Sjodin

On a lighter note, Matt had some fantastic connections develop during this episode. He continued to relate to Bri on family dynamics. Matt and Bri bonded over wanted to create strong family structures (complete with very present father figures) for their children one day. I thought for hours after the show about Bri’s mom being just 13 years old when she got pregnant with her.

Then, Matt and Lauren found commonality in the way they want religion to play a deep role in a romantic relationship. It was beautiful how she made him comfortable expressing this desire. I also loved the banter they had about the UNC vs. Wake Forest rivalry. It was one of those flirty moments that I feel is too often edited out of the show.

On Matt’s second one-on-one of the week, Sarah poured her heart out about her father’s life with ALS. ALS is one of the most devastating diseases. My heart goes out to Sarah, her father, and her family. It was beyond touching when Matt asked what he could do to show her that he was someone she’d want to be with. I watched that and thought OMG, PEOPLE, DO WE HAVE THE ULTIMATE MAN AS THE BACHELOR?! YES! This demonstrates that he does not have a massively inflated ego that leads him to expect the women to audition for his heart. Instead, this process is a two-way street.

Matt, you freakin’ rock…just don’t fall to “Queen” Victoria’s rule. The crown she wears is plastic.

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