'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Sparks Major Concern After Husband Packs Handgun In Home

“David carries all the time, I mean no matter what store we go in…we just got home so, of course, it’s on his hip. He has a holster on his belt,” Jenelle said after a fan questioned the gun.
She continued, “It’s an open carry state here unless you have a concealed weapon permit. We don’t, we haven’t taken the classes for it yet.” David chimed in at that point, letting everyone know he has his gun all the time, “Unless I’m sleeping then it’s on the nightstand,” he said.
“Find it mental you’re carrying a firearm around in your pocket I’m from the UK, Its so weird to see quite scary actually,” one concerned fan wrote. Adding, “That dude should not be able to carry a weapon AT ALL.”
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