‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Shows Off Her New Booty Injections!

Farrah Abraham is getting butt injections to fill in the small bit of cellulite on her booty — and decided to share the process with the world!

The former ‘Teen Mom’ star took to Instagram to share the shocking process which is as simple as it sounds. A doctor is seen injecting Farrah’s booty with a needle with apparently is filled with some sort of artificial fat. In the stunning clip, Farrah also changes position to standing so the doctor can inject the proper area. It is insane!

“CELEB BOOTY GOD!” Farrah captioned the stunning video!

Up Close And Personal!


In the video, Farrah is sporting a tiny brown bikini bottom and is face down on the operating table. Just like it sounds, the doctor then injects her behind with the mixture to “fill in” the areas in question. Plus, as we said, she then jumps up and receives the same treatment while standing up. Of course, there is a bit of booty dancing and showing the final product off, once it is finished.

A few of Farrah’s fans agreed and lit up her IG account with comments like, “Gotta respect the honestly. If there’s something you don’t like about your body, change it. Whichever way you choose. You only get one life, LIVE IT!” Another added, “It’s official Farrah Abraham is gorgeous 😍 from head to toe 😍 . Happy weekend sexy.”

That’s Gotta Hurt!

Farrah Abraham Reveals New Booty Injections

This isn’t the first time Farrah has stunned Instagram with video of herself getting butt injections. Back in 2019, the reality star shared a similar video inside a Las Vegas clinic claiming she was getting “Coachella Ready.” At the time, she got a lot of heat for allowing her 9-year-old daughter — Sophia — to watch the procedure.

“FLAWLESS FRIDAY, OUR 1 YEAR BOOTY ANNIVERSARY #coachella ready! The master in booties! Another badass year! To all the boss’s out there remember Beauty Brains Badass 4K booty challenge,” Farrah wrote, adding, ” (Flawless Vegas) BEAUTY BRAINS BOOTY.”

See The Finished Product!

Farrah Abraham Reveals New Booty Injections

As you know, Farrah has been very open about her plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. In the past, she admitted to getting lip fillers, breast augmentations, a nose job, and a chin implant which she has since had removed. Oh ya, and in 2017, she documented her vaginal rejuvenation procedure.

“My lady parts are loving it,” she told E!.

“I regret not getting more [plastic surgery]. I always say it’s better to prevent when you’re younger than when you’re older and you’ve let yourself go,” she told the Hollywood Pipeline podcast at the time.

See The Shocking Video!

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