Tamar Braxton’s Ex-Boyfriend Says She Threatened To Kill Him, Punched His Neck, Called Him ‘Gay’

In the restraining order filing, David claims the fight continued after he stopped the parked car and she kept assaulting him.

“Ms. Braxton continued to yell at Mr. Adefeso, punch Mr. Adefeso’s shoulder, and physically damage his vehicle by smashing the vehicle’s camera, rearview mirror, and various items inside of the vehicle.”

During the violent incident, David claims Tamar said she “was going to kill him.”

In the filing, David outlines several other instances of abuse during their relationship, including an allegation that her ex-husband was going to “send goons” to kill him. He says Tamar said she “held her ex-husband off from doing so…and that “she now wanted to let her ex-husbands ‘goons’ loose on him.”

After the incident, David claims he suffered injuries including, “bruising to (his) neck and shoulder area,” and massive property damage to his vehicle.

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