Something “Really Crazy” Went Down on Night One of Matt James’ Bachelor Season

  • ABC executive Robert Mills says something goes down on Matt James’ Bachelor season that’s ~never happened before~.
  • Matt’s season is currently filming at a beautiful resort in Pennsylvania.

    I know everyone’s busy talking about what an insane ride The Bachelorette is this season, but please don’t forget that Matt James is over in Pennsylvania filming The Bachelor and the time has come to turn our attention to some low-key spoilers from his season.

    ABC executive Robert Mills just sat down with Nick Viall for an episode of his Viall Files podcast (via Us Weekly), and while he mostly talked all things Clare—he did mention that something goes down on night one of Matt’s Bachelor season that’s never happened in the franchise’s history. And considering this show’s been on for literally 84 years, that’s pretty shocking.

    “Matt did something on night one that we’ve never had happen before … It’s not what you think though, it’s really crazy,” Mills said. “[But] I feel confident saying Matt James will be the only Bachelor this season.”

    I mean…we’ve already had Bachelor and Bachelorettes not give out roses, send people home, and quite the show (hi, Clare) so truly what! could! it! be!

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