Sneak Peek! Were Hosting a Shopping Livestream With Eric Daman and Gap

Over this past year, we’ve gotten really, reallllly good at online shopping—searching the internet to find the coolest stuff has kinda become our MO. But if there’s one thing we miss about shopping out in the real world, it’s having our favorite people there to shop with us. What are friends for if not to talk you out of a terrible fashion mistake or to confirm that your butt does, in fact, look good in those jeans? Well, if you’ve been craving some advice from your shopping buddy, we have just the thing for you.

Cosmopolitan (that’s us!) is teaming up with GAP to give you the pair of shopping fairy godparents you never knew you needed. Our very own fashion director, Cassie Anderson, and legendary Gossip Girl costume designer, Eric Daman, are hosting a livestream shopping event on September 23rd, where they’ll help you get ahead of the trend curve with the scoop on all the season’s “It” items. Click the link below to sign up for access to a live shopping experience where you’ll get the chance to hang with the fashion pros, ask them questions in real time, and buy things without ever leaving the show.

Considering Cassie and Eric are pretty much fashion geniuses, you know they’re only gonna be showing you ~the best~ stuff worth adding to your closet this fall. Here, they gave us a little sneak peek at some of the looks that you’ll be able to shop during the livestream, and yep, we want everything. Scroll down for five of our faves, but whatever you do, make sure you mark your calendars for September 23rd. See you there!

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Longline Oversized Parka

What would fall be without ~the perfect~ jacket? This trench coat and parka hybrid is the seasonal essential Cassie and Eric can’t wait to layer over all over their favorite fall looks.


High Rise Denim Joggers

These jeans might be giving us lounging around the house vibes, but this updated style is going to be getting a lot of play in your IRL wardrobe too. According to Cassie and Eric, this jogger silhouette is exactly the way to ease back into denim for 2021.


Plaid Shirt Jacket

An oversized plaid shirt you can wear with pretty much everything? Check! Whether you wear it with boots and go grunge, or layer it like a jacket with all your fall knits, you can’t go wrong with this stylist-approved fave.


GapFit Runaround Half-Zip Jacket

The athleisure trend is here to stay, and we are SO here for it! This cute windbreaker is one you just might see our stylist sporting around NYC this fall, too. 


Vintage Soft Classic Joggers

Get back into your style groove with matching sets and monochromatic colors that make styling a no-brainer. This expert-approved pair of sweats is the easy way to elevate your staples this season.


Corduroy Baseball Hat

Yep, it’s official. A baseball cap is THE accessory of the season. From a sunny corduroy options like this one to your classic cotton logo caps, a cute hat is the perfect way to top off your fall style. 

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