Russell Westbrook Reveals He’s Changing His Jersey Number With Wizards

Russell Westbrook reveals that he will be changing his number with the Wizards.
Russell Westbrook will be changing his number for the first time in his career after being sent to the Washinton Wizards. He will now play with the number four on his jersey.Icon Sportswire / Getty ImagesWestbrook also says that despite a new city and new jersey number, he will not be changing his on-court playing style: “When I am on the floor, I don’t have any friends, I am not trying to be friendly, I’m trying to bust somebody’s ass. I ain’t got time to try to shake hands and do all that. I don’t have time for it, and I am never changing that,” he said, Saturday, according to ESPN.Westbrook was traded for John Wall earlier this week.”Where do you want me to start?” Westbrook said when asked what is most misunderstood about him. “Well listen, I think the underlying thing about that is 90%, 100% is not even true.”Because a lot of times, the things that are made up, people don’t actually know me to be able to say anything about me or what I am about or what I believe in. … The biggest thing for me is just kind of going and being myself, which is easy because being myself, I can be genuine and loyal and understanding. Obviously, I am not the easiest guy to understand, whatever, watch play, whatever people may think.”While the number zero isn’t retired by the Wizards, it was worn by one of the franchise’s most popular players, Gilbert Arenas.[Via]

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