Royal Traditions Are Coming Back After The Pandemic

A lot of special events had to be postponed or outright canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Particularly, some beloved royal events that draw many people to the UK every year. 

Sadly, the Queen is not as active in these events as she used to be and may not be attending all of the events on the schedule. 

The Changing Of The Guard 


It was just yesterday that people got a chance to see the men in red coats and fury hats back in action. The Grenadier Guards are certainly a staple of UK folklore. The traditional changing of the guard, which is literally a ceremony that takes place every time a work shift ends for one of these guards, had not taken place since March 2020! The traditional public ceremony was held inside the gates of Windsor Castle yesterday. Although there wasn’t necessarily a ton of clarity on this, it seems we can expect the ceremonies to make a comeback for good.    

The Guards Were Still On Duty

15 07 2021 The massed bands of the Grenadier Coldstream Scots Irish and Welsh Guards and representatives from the 1st Battalion Grenadier Corps of Drums parade in Wellington barracks as they rehearse their musical programme from quot The Sword

The pandemic hit and these guys stopped guarding the Queen and the crown jewels? Not quite. Although the Grenadier Guards are known for their outfits and the ceremony that they carry out, that doesn’t mean that’s their only job. These folks are trained professionals and do serve as a form of security detail for certain royal palaces. If you want to prove that for yourself, you can stand up to one and see what happens! As we mentioned during the pandemic they suspended their ceremonial duties if you will!

Swan Upping Is Also Back!       

Swan Upping

Another one of the favorite royal traditions is officially back in full swing. That tradition is of course Swan Upping. Here is a quick history lesson for those people who are not overly familiar with what this is. It turns out that the swans across the UK are all property of The Queen. This has been so for hundreds of years. Beforehand, this was meant so that the monarch would be the only one to eat swan! Queen Elizabeth doesn’t eat the birds, though. She has a team dedicated to preserve them. Swan upping is that time that this team does a census on all of these birds in the UK! 

The Queen Is Sadly Not All That Present In The Festivities Anymore 

Queen Elizabeth and Prince William visit Irn-Bru factory near Glasgow

Although the Queen has been out and about since the death of Prince Phillip, she’s certainly spending less time out these days. She has been conducting most of her business through virtual meetings from her offices in Windsor Castle. 

Swam Upping was one of the events that typically the Queen would show up for. While it’s still a possibility that the Queen will be on hand for some type of Swan Upping exhibition as she’s done so in the past, it’s not a lock. Her majesty is certainly being more selective with the events that she attends. 

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