Rihannas 2012 Oprah Interview Talking Chris Brown Resurfaces, Twitter Loses It

One pointed out, Even when you read the article, it doesnt indicate its eight years old. I only put two and two together when Google showed the podcast description said Oprah was in Barbados and Rihannas grandmother had passed. This is extremely irresponsible to run like its new information.

One fan asked, If someone needs a relationship/ friendship with abuse…. wondering if Chris Brown needs Rihanna to get him back on track financially?!

Another wrote, I swear!!! That Rihanna n Chris brown shit weak af! One fan had a different opinion writing, If Rihanna wants to be friends with Chris Brown she can. Yall mad annoying trying to force your lives on celebrities.

One asked, How does Rihanna still love Chris Brown and hate Drake… thats wild. Rihanna & Chris Brown were just a toxic couple before yall got to hyping up being toxic couples on here, read another Tweet.

Rihanna & Chris Brown getting back together would be peak 2020, stated another.

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