PSA: Bat Makeup Needs to Be Your Halloween Look This Year

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Considering I’ve been researching easy and cheap Halloween costumes since, uh, July, I can promise you I’ve also now seen all of the biggest Halloween makeup trends for 2021, including ghost makeup, clown makeup, and witch makeup. So trust me when I say that out of all of the easy Halloween makeup tutorials and ideas you could try this year, bat makeup (yup!) will be both the spookiest and cutest thing you can put on your face for October 31.

If you’re like, “How TF am I supposed to draw an actual bat on my face?” Don’t worry; you don’t need a fine arts MFA to participate in the bat-makeup trend. Face stickers, temporary tattoos, and even some black liquid eyeliner with black/gray eyeshadows (ahem, those neglected shades in the far corners of your eyeshadow palette) will help you get in on all the fun with half of the work. Convinced yet? I thought so. Now, keep scrolling to find the 31 best bat makeup ideas and inspo to copy this Halloween. You won’t be disappointed.


This Winged Bat Eyeliner


Orange and Blue Bat Makeup


This Purple Bat Makeup Idea

The dreamy purple eyeshadow smoked out across the face like a spooky sunburn? So freakin’ pretty. Since the bats here are a little bigger here, they’ll be easier to draw. But if you’d rather not, pick up a pad of temporary bat tattoos. Pro tip: Apply the tattoo first, on clean skin, and then blend the purple on top once it dries. It’ll help them stay on longer.


This Smokey Eye Bat Makeup

If you mostly want a reason to do majorly vampy makeup with just a touch of bat, try this black lipstick look. Yes, matte-black lipsticks might seem hella difficult—and drying—to wear, but grab a skinny black lip liner, a matte black lipstick (this artist used Coloured Raine 2AM Matte Liquid Lipstick, fyi), and an angled Q-tip to clean up the edges, and you’ll be fine.


This Batgirl Makeup Idea

We can’t talk about bat makeup without talking about batgirl. This bat makeup idea is so spooky and honestly pretty simple to recreate, as long as you’ve got some black face paint, a small brush to draw the bat outline, and a makeup sponge or blender to fill in the rest. Bonus points if you get the creepy and cool-AF red contact lenses.


Rosy-Cheeked Bat Makeup Idea

Uh, not all bat makeup needs to feel cold or washed out. Proof: This flushed, rosy look that relies on a ton of blush and warm-toned eyeshadows to feel a little bit hellish, and a lotta bit pretty. To copy the base makeup, grab some blush, gold and red eyeshadows, and glossy black lipstick, then draw on your bats at the very end.


This Colorful Idea for Bat Makeup

Most Halloween makeup ideas revolve around the orange-and-black color combo, but this bat makeup brings in a whole other world of color—and I’m here for it. Make sure to layer on a mattifying face primer and eye primer to help the colors look (and stay) extra bold, then set your makeup with a setting spray at the end to keep it all from sliding off halfway through your Halloween party.


Burnt-Orange Bat Makeup

Simple! Cute! Orange! All the things you could ask for in a bat makeup look. These bats are small, so I suggest first practice drawing them on the back of your hand with some liquid eyeliner (or, again, grab yourself some temporary tattoos) before trying it on your face.


Polka-Dot Bat Makeup Idea

NGL, this bat face makeup gives me major deer-in-a-Disney-movie vibes. The polka dots are a very sweet touch, and the look leans into the “cute” side more than the “spooky” side. So if that’s your vibe, welcome to your ideal bat makeup idea.


This Bat Makeup on Soft Blush

The common theme in most of these looks is a very opaque black lipstick, which essentially solidifies the spooky factor. To recreate this bat makeup idea, grab a matte black lipstick to get the muted look.


Bat Makeup With Glitter Eyeshadow

Finally, some bat makeup with glitter. I love Halloween makeup that really only uses one color. It means less blending and fewer eyeshadow palettes laying around on the floor for someone (me) to step on. Be sure to get a purple eyeliner for the purple details in these bat wings.


This Spooky Bat Wing Idea

This bat makeup idea = genius. Before you start the eye makeup, mattify your face with a powder that’s 2-3 shades lighter than your natural color. The result? A vibrant ~pop~ of color from the orange eyeshadow on a more ghostly looking face. Then scatter your bats around as needed, obvs.


Bat Wing Eyeshadow

Here’s a hint for your best and easiest bat makeup: Bat wings are way easier to draw on than a full-on bat. Plus, you can make them even bigger (like how the wing covers each eye in this pic), which also makes it way less complicated. Instead of just a matte-black lipstick in this look, add a clear lip gloss on top for a shiny finish.


This Scary Bat Makeup

Nothing is creepier in bat makeup (or Halloween makeup in general) than the faintest hint of veins under the skin. And since this one doesn’t include a lot of different colors, it’d be super easy to throw on at the last minute.


This Soft Bat Makeup Idea

The best part about bat makeup? The bats really stand out on their own, so you don’t have to go full-out on your eye makeup. Exhibit A: This soft-glam makeup with little bats near the mouth. Plus, how cool is the faded ombré black lipstick?


These Pink Bat Wings

For anyone who struggles with blending their eyeshadow, this bat makeup is a great option for you. Just trace the bold outline of the bat wings and fill in with pink eyeshadow. Boom.


Green and Black Bat Face Makeup

This green-and-black bat makeup gives me real Green-Lantern-meets-Bat-Woman vibes. Definitely grab a primer before you get started, so the green will blend really well and stay put, even after you draw the black wings on top.


This Bat Woman Makeup Idea

I’m really here for the bats-coming-out-of-the-mouth look in this bat makeup trend. It’s such a fun and spooky twist. This look doesn’t require a ton of eyeshadow, so you can really focus on the bats themselves.


This Warm-Toned Bat Face Makeup


Hot-Pink Bat Makeup

Not into the classic Halloween colors? Opt for this hot pink instead. To get the ~glow~, use a white cream eyeshadow to draw the line across each eyelid, and dust a little highlighter on the highest points of your face (think: cheekbones, nose, and over the eyebrows).


This Elaborate Bat Face Makeup

This one goes out to all the extreme artists out there, if you feel up to the task. After you prime your face (like, your entire face), start with the darkest colors—using black and dark-blue face paints—and then using a small brush, add in the white clouds and stars, making sure to smudge the edges a little for a more blended, realistic look.


This Green and Purple Bat Eye Makeup

If you haven’t yet tried the spoon-eyeshadow hack from TikTok, now’s your chance to start practicing. It creates those really sharp rounded lines by holding a spoon over your eye while applying eyeshadow just under your eyebrow. It draws focus to the eyeliner and green eyeshadow under the eye—pretty much makeup magic.


This Makeup With Tiny Bats

How cute are the lilac eyeshadow and tiny bats here? It’s such a sweet bat makeup idea, and for an extra touch of glamour, you can add some silver stars and gemstones. Very much IG-approved.


This Glam Bat Makeup Idea


This Sweet Bat Makeup Look

The newest blush makeup trend in 2021 is adding a touch on the tip of your nose for a “cold but still cute” vibe. It’s an easy way to add some softness to your bat makeup look this Halloween.


Purple Smokey Bat Makeup

If you have a favorite color on your eyeshadow palette that you love or have been pumped to use, bat makeup is the perfect way to try it. Create a heavy smokey eye like the purple in this pic, then follow up with black winged eyeliner and a few lil bats.


Two-Toned Bat Face Makeup

Take any two colors and create this really cool two-toned bat eye makeup idea. One color is for the eyeshadow on top (like this purple) and the other is for the eyeliner (the orange you see here) along the outer edge of the bat wing. Oh, and swipe on a purple shimmery lipstick for good measure.


This Graphic Bat Eye Makeup

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