Piers Morgan Wants The Sussexes Stripped Off Their Titles

Once again, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have are gaining and undergoing public attention and scrutiny after the prince revealed his plans to publish a tell-all memoir detailing several aspects of his life “not as a prince, but as a man I have become.”

The couple, who did not held back in revealing the mishaps they faced in the royal household, have again become a public sensation. And as such, fans, supporters and non-supporters chimed into this recent conversation with different speculations and opinions.

One opinion that has gained the most attention, came from English broadcaster and journalist, Piers Morgan.

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Piers Morgan’s Calls For Action From The Palace

Morgan wrote a piece in his column for “MailOnline,” stating that the Queen should act fast, and strip the Sussexes of their royal title before it is too late. This reaction comes after Harry announced a tell-all memoir about his life experiences, and what being a husband and father has thought him through the years.

In Morgan’s opinion, the attempt was “malevolent and manipulative,” and should not happen while the Prince still holds his title as a royal member. He went on to demand that the Queen makes a decision about removing Harry and Markle’s royal status completely, and render them ordinary citizens.

This demand fueled responses from social media users worldwide, and while some agreed with the journalist, others didn’t. The royal family is yet to respond to Morgan’s plea, but the chances of a response is slightly slim.

Prince Harry’s Controversial Resignation From Royal Duties

It has been more than a year since Harry and Markle decided to leave behind their royal duties and move to the United States of America to start a family. With the help of well-wishers and support from friends and family members, the duo stuck with their decision, and have been doing well so far.

Despite moving out of the shadows of the royal family, British critics have not stopped criticizing the lovers for their public opinions and statements, especially on issues that they reportedly faced during their stay in the royal household.

Although the controversy has remained a part of this couple’s life and story, they found a way to live past it, and enjoy every moment as it comes.

What Is Prince Harry’s Memoir About?

When the news of Harry’s book was revealed, fans speculated that the prince would disclose more secrets about the royal family members that reportedly made living in the shores of London, unbearable for Harry and Markle. Following these speculations, Morgan slammed the prince online, calling him a “sell out.”


Per “Pagesix,” Harry’s memoir was co-written by serial ghostwriter, J.R. Moehringer, and the first draft which is almost finished details the prince’s life outside royalty. Furthermore, the book will highlight the highs, lows and lessons that the former royals has experienced over the years.

A brief statement from the books says; “I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to share what I’ve learned over the course of my life so far and excited for people to read a firsthand account of my life that’s accurate and wholly truthful.”

The whole book was initially slated to be publish in early August, however, after some considerations, the book will be available to the public sometime in October through a publishing company known as Penguin Random House.

What Was The Royals Reaction To Harry’s New Book?

Prince Harry’s announcement about his upcoming book prompted nervous reactions and notions about what the book may reveal, and who the book is likely to name next.

A source revealed to “Us Weekly,” that the royal family is ‘shaken up’ about the news of Harry’s upcoming memoir. They are reportedly concerned about what the book will talk about extensively when it is finally published.

The source further alleged that members of the royal family are ‘very nervous,’ as they do not know what to expect yet because they are yet to receive a copy. The publishing house announced that the book will reveal every aspect of the prince’s life, which is incomplete without his past royal life.

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