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A Nigerian lady identified as Adanna Nwaokolo has taken to a social media platform to complain of a handwritten boarding pass she got at a Nigerian airline.

According to Adanna, her flight had been shifted from 5 to 6:40 and later 11:40 pm only to be handed a handwritten boarding pass.

This was however met with mixed reactions.

See some reactions below

One user who gave a possible explanation for the development said:

I guess the printer is faulty so, they improvised by handwriting it so as not to delay passengers from boarding. Issues like this arent regular but happen once in a while.

Another Twitter user also noted that there is nothing wrong with the pass as it was probably issued to avoid delay.

He said:

Theres nothing wrong with this. Its an emergency boarding pass which acceptable under IATA rules. Would you rather they just keep you waiting due to a system error?

Sharing a personal experience, a user on the platform wrote:

This one is not new now. Something that I have experienced many times, even as far back as 10 years ago. You just have to use it like that or you wont fly.

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