Olivia Wilde Addresses Harry Styles Marriage Rumors

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles have been going strong for about six months now and are inseparable.

Whether they’re on a movie set or a yacht vacationing in the Mediterranean, neither one is too far from the other.

The couple shocked fans in January after they were spotted attending Harry’s manager’s wedding together hand in hand.

While the couple has not publicly confirmed their romance, there is enough paparazzi evidence to show that the two are more than colleagues and friends.

Since their Italian getaway, rumors have started to spread that the new couple may have exchanged vows and gotten married.

The rumors began over a gossip magazine, Life & Style, cover that circulated Twitter claiming the pair got hitched.

One Haz fan took to Twitter on July 15 writing, “DID HARRY STYLES ACTUALLY GET MARRIED???? WHATS GOING ON OMFG?”

Another distressed fan tweeted, “HARRY STYLES GOT MARRIED???? SOMEONE SAY SIKE RN.”

Well fans, I think you are about to get your answer!

The Daily Mail recently caught up with Olivia  while she was leaving the airport on Monday, July 20.

A pap stopped her and asked her, “There’s a massive Internet conspiracy that you and Harry are already married. Not true? True?

Olivia, who was decked out in a white hoodie, black face mask, jeans and white sneakers replied, “I am never going to talk to you guys.”

The pap was relentless and continued, “I gotta try though. Just in case he doesn’t know, what size ring are you?”

Olivia declined to answer and ignored the pap.

He then tried to recover and talk about the #FreeBritney movement, but Olivia was not entertaining that topic either.

The paparazzi noted there was no ring on her left-hand ring finger, but that still doesn’t dispel the marriage rumors.

Prior to Harry, Olivia was with actor Jason Sudeikis for nearly 10 years. The couple met back in 2011 and were engaged in 2013. The couple have two children together, but never officially got married.

In an interview with GQ, Jason marked they separated in November 2020.

Family of 4!


While Olivia has stayed tight-lipped about the end of her relationship with the “Ted Lasso” actor, Jason admitted he didn’t even have a clear understanding about the end of their relationship at the time Olivia and Harry were first spotted together.

The “Horrible Bosses” actor hopes to have a better understanding of their breakup as time moves on.

“I’ll have a better understanding of why in a year,” Jason said, “and an even better one in two, and an even greater one in five, and it’ll go from being, you know, a book of my life to becoming a chapter to a paragraph to a line to a word to a doodle.”

According to GQ, right now he is just trying to figure out what he is supposed to take away, about himself, from what had happened.

“That’s an experience that you either learn from or make excuses about,” he said. “You take some responsibility for it, hold yourself accountable for what you do, but then also endeavor to learn something beyond the obvious from it.”

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