Nicole Brown Simpson’s Sister Calls Kim Kardashian Out for “Inappropriate” SNL Joke

The internet pretty much loved Kim Kardashian’s Saturday Night Live monologue, which—in case you missed it, which, doubtful—basically consisted of her trolling various members of her family, not to mention herself. But Nicole Brown Simpson’s sister was not here for Kim’s joke about O.J. Simpson—which you can watch below:

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Speaking to People, Nicole’s sister Tanya Brown said “If she and her family loved Nicole so much as they claimed, this was done in very poor taste. I think the taste of writers at SNL was beyond inappropriate and insensitive as was the reaction in the audience.”

“Regarding Kim, I believe everyone has a choice to control what they speak on,” Tanya added. “She easily could have said, ‘This is inappropriate and disrespectful to everyone! Not only for Nicole and Ron, but for all victims of domestic violence who were murdered by their significant others.'”

Tanya continued by saying that what happened to her sister shouldn’t be used as comedy, adding “After 27 years, can’t we move past the murders and focus on domestic violence? Since COVID, statistics have skyrocketed. It is critical, so no more Nicoles and Rons happen. Our loss, Browns and Goldmans, should not be portrayed as a comedy — family or non-family. Loss, tragedy, murder, crime should not be portrayed as comedy. Everyone has a choice!”

As of now, Kim doesn’t appear to have responded to Tanya’s comments about her monologue.

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