Nastia Liukin Shows Off Leggy Look Ahead of Team USA Gymnastics

Gymnastics icon Nastia Liukin may not be competing in the Tokyo Olympics, but she is ready for primetime as the gold medal champ will be providing expert commentary and analysis during tonight’s big coverage of Team USA.

31-year-old Nastia has been providing some amazing looks during her time in Tokyo, as she arrived ahead of the games to get ready for her hosting duties as part of the NBC coverage team.

Sunday’s outfit of the day was definitely not disappointing, as Nastia rocked the pink Concert Disc Mini Dress from Australian designer Zimmermann. The outfit does not come cheap, as it carries a price tag of over $1,700 according to online retailers. She paired the look with a killer pair of stiletto heels from Chloe Gosselin.

“The Olympic Games continue tonight when the women of Team USA compete in the qualifying competition,” Nastia captioned her shot while overlooking the Ariake Arena, a multi-sport complex in Japan where the gymnastics competitions are taking place during the Olympic games.

Teasing a surprise for television viewers tuning in to the games, Nastia also wrote, “oh and ps don’t miss the open.”

Perfect 10

Fans could not get enough of Nastia Liukin’s outfit, taking to her Instagram and showering the gold medalist with compliments and love. “This dress is gorgeous! Possibly my favorite that you’ve worn for a meet!” one fan wrote.

“Always on point!!!” another Instagram user wrote.

Hosting Duties

Along with her regular NBC coverage for the Tokyo Olympics, Nastia Liukin also announced a special partnership with Airbnb, where she will take a lucky winner behind the scenes of gymnastics at the Olympics while enjoying some pretty lavish living accommodations.

“From getting a little warmup on, to learning about the different disciplines, to the different events and how I trained for each one, to some one-on-one time with a judge learning about scoring system, you’ll see behind the scenes at the venue, the night before the Women’s All-Around Finals!” Nastia recently announced on Instagram.


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