Michelle Young Teased Her Bachelorette Ending and It Might Not Be What We Thought….

WARNING: There are spoilers in this article! Don’t continue reading if you’re trying to keep the ending of The Bachelorette a surprise!

Michelle Young only has four contestants left on The Bachelorette, which means we’re just weeks away from finding out who wins her season and if she’s currently engaged to them. And while those of us who love spoilers already have a pretty good idea who wins, she revealed that her ending is actually somewhat of a surprise.

“I had no idea I would be in the position that I was at the end of the season,” Michelle said during a recent interview. “[The ending is] something that I didn’t necessarily expect, something that I didn’t think was possible for me. I’m excited for everybody kind of to see what that entails because I think a lot of assumptions are made, you know, of either who I end up with or if I end up with anybody.”

Kay, so this is where SPOILERS come in. According to Reality Steve back in early October, Michelle is engaged to…


Nayte! As he put it, “The main thing you want to know is what happened at the end, right? Well, I got that for you. Had heard rumblings since the season ended but got the confirmation I needed the end of last week. Michelle is engaged to Nayte Olukoya.”

But judging from Michelle’s quote, it sounds like the situation has potentially changed? Maybe? Or not? Either way, she’s definitely hinting at the possibility that she is with someone else…or not with anyone at all. Obviously, we’ll have to keep watching to find out, but FYI, Reality Steve has a pretty solid track record of being right when it comes to Bachelorette spoilers!

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