Michael Jackson’s Son Prince Is Joining The Family Business

The executors of MJ’s estate point out, in the filing, managing a deceased artist is a lot harder than managing a living one.

“A living artist promotes his/her brand by creating new music, touring, making other personal appearances, and engaging in social media activations and all other ancillary activities required to build one’s career. The manager of a deceased artist cannot rely on the artist to personally promote the artist’s brand, rather the manager must do it,” they write.

For now, they are asking for compensation that “aligns more consistently with industry standards and more accurately reflects the expertise, time, and efforts necessary to operate a music/entertainment business of the size and extent the MJJ Business.”

It’s unclear which “projects” Prince will be working on in the beginning, but it’s clear MJ’s fans will be PUMPED his son is now working within the family business!

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