Meet Ibadan Based Prophet, Wale Olagunju Who Has Not Bath Or Had S3x With Wife For 20 Years – Gistmania

That means, he is either a liar or a stinking, smelly idiot. What relevance are either of these alleged stunts to religiosity? Nothing!
It is in fact a biblical sin for him to have denied his wife of her rightful pleasure of marriage, if what is said is true. Let’s hope he hasn’t been having it with members of his congregation – can’t trust ANY of these self-appointed men of God!
Are we supposed to be impressed by these? Or to think that God has given him special powers because of them? No. Only fellow fools and the gullible will believe that. Thankfully, I am not one of either group. As for his claim of his church growing, let’s hope these aren’t sacrificial rituals he did with Ocean Mermaid. Better he reaches out to God to reveal to him how the Govt can put an end to BH, Banditry and Yahoo menace.

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