Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves McConaughey Offer Rare Glimpse Into How They’re Raising Their Kids – E! Online

“When you have your first child and you’re in the position that Matthew is, whoever gets that first photo will make a lot of money,” Alves explained. “When we found out that the person was going to make over a million dollars on a photo, we were like, No. We’re going to do an exclusive and get the money and put it into the foundation.'”

Speaking to the organization’s mission statement, McConaughey chimed in, saying, “I always knew I wanted it to be kids, because I wanted the entire foundation to provide prevention before we needed a cure.”

“High school’s the last place you can catch somebody and get them on the right track, before they no longer have to listen to a teacher or parent,” he continued. “If they’re screwing up in high school and do some of the same stuff after they graduate, they may go to jailor worse.”

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