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In my extensive experience as an avid Halloween enthusiast (I consider myself an expert on all things Halloween makeup—clown makeup, fairy makeup, bat makeup, etc.), I’ve never really been that into alien makeup. I mean, in theory, it could look really cool. But in reality, alien makeup always seems to consist of a hard plastic headband and a ton of green face paint—or worse, a sweaty rubber mask. Where is the alien-style winged eyeliner? The glitter? The bomb-AF lip? Where are the cool alien half-face makeup looks that allow you to be the perfect split of glam and extraterrestrial?

So this year, instead of settling for the blah and basic, I went out (ahem, pulled out my phone from my horizontal couch position) in search of all the alien makeup looks that are actually worth your time this Halloween. Now please allow me to present the 20 best alien makeup ideas and tutorials—from the glam alien to the Doja Cat-inspired—so you can start practicing immediately.


This Glam Alien Makeup Tutorial

For a Halloween makeup idea to get me interested, there has to be at least one glam version in the mix, and this is exactly that. This alien makeup tutorial will teach you how to be your most extraterrestrial, but also your most extra-alien. Aliens like to look cute too, you know?


This Doja Cat-Inspired Alien Makeup

This alien makeup inspired by Doja Cat’s album Planet Her is truly incredible—and isn’t something you can throw together at the last minute. You’ll need a shimmery liquid highlighter to get those shimmery cheek bones, as well as a bright-blue face paint. And obvs, Doja Cat’s album playing in the background.


This Easy Alien Makeup Idea

This alien makeup tutorial will have you ordering all the silver gemstones and glitter (I’d suggest roll-on body glitter for less mess) you can get your hands on. This is the actual definition of cute alien makeup. Looking for something spookier? Check out the half-face Halloween makeup looks below.


Blue Alien Makeup

I’m kind of obsessed with this blue alien makeup instead of the typical green (no shade to green). I mean, how cool and outer-spacey does this look? The cherry on top is the super rosy cheeks, so make sure you have a bright and highly pigmented blush on hand.


This Soft Alien Makeup Look for Halloween

YouTuber Bryanna Romero will teach you how to get this really pretty and easy alien makeup look. There is no full-face painting required, just a green smokey eye, winged eyeliner, and cute white freckles and dots. Pair this with some space buns and you’ve become a rly cute alien for Halloween.


Green Alien Eye Makeup for Halloween

If you’re looking for a really unique alien makeup for Hallowen, you can’t go wrong with this lime-green abstract alien look. The best part about it? It doesn’t require painting your whole face, if that’s not your thing. Pick up some smaller eyeshadow brushes and creamy green face paints to paint on the streaks of green. Bonus points for finishing the look with a green mascara.


This Half-Face Alien Makeup Idea

Makeup Artist Andy Lo uses Mosaiz Face Paint to get the really bright neon green in this half-face alien makeup. Once you have the full green coverage on half your face, use a darker green eyeshadow to add some lines on your forehead and cheeks to create some dimension to your alien.


This Iridescent Alien Makeup Idea

The best part about alien makeup? There are endless variations and colors that you can use to create your outer-space vibe. Example: This very pretty blue-and-pink iridescent Halloween alien makeup. As with a lot of these looks, the ~shimmer~ is key, so grab some liquid highlighters (which I recommend mixing with some creamy body paints or lotion to get the glow all over).


Retro Alien Makeup for Halloween

This is what I imagine a retro 1950s alien would look like. The bright pink and green give me major vintage vibes, and I’m into it. For this look, you’ll want to make sure your face paint is opaque—but to avoid cakey makeup, start with a layer of primer and then buff your paint on with a damp makeup sponge. Quick hack: Spray a setting spray on your blender before applying the green paint for a smoother, cake-free finish.


An Electric Alien for Halloween

This alien makeup look features a really freaking cool electric effect, made possible by smudging purple face paint or eyeshadow and layering a thin line of white cream eyeshadow on top. It’s makeup magic at it’s finest, and something that even those of us who aren’t, like, ~professional MUAs~ can pull off.


A Full Body Alien Makeup Idea

Be prepared to learn the art of seamlessly blending several shades of green and yellow together to create the glowiest alien ever. If you like to show a little skin in your costume, this is a great opportunity to take your makeup down your neck and shoulders too.


This Melted Alien Makeup

This alien Halloween makeup idea has a really fun twist on half-face makeup. Instead of splitting your face down the middle, try drawing this melted, curvy shape over half of your face to create the effect of the alien makeup melting down your face. But first: Use a face primer to make sure it doesn’t literally slide down your face (IYKYK).


This Simple Alien Eye Makeup Idea

This alien makeup tutorial is as simple as it gets. All you need is vibrant green eyeshadow, white face paint for the dots, and a lil swipe of gloss to become this cute alien. And this one can be thrown together quickly without too many trips to Sephora (is there really such a thing as too many tho?). So if you’re looking for an easy Halloween makeup idea on October 31, you’ve found it.


This Andromedan-Inspired Makeup

Swap out all your green face paint for pinks and purples. This look is super impressive and therefore not the simplest look to recreate, but even if you skip the intricate forehead detail and prosthetic ears, you’ll have some hella-impressive alien Halloween makeup.


Area 51-Inspired Alien Makeup

The transformation in this alien makeup tutorial will truly blow your mind. This artist starts with an opaque layer of foundation (full-coverage foundation will be your BFF here for this look), then covers it with bright green face paint to layer on top. You’re going to tap into your contouring skills here to add some depth to this look—but if it’s been a minute and you don’t quite remember how to contour, DW, it doesn’t need to be super precise for alien makeup.


Grunge Style Alien Makeup

If there was a TV show where an alien comes to earth and goes to high school in 1990 (hi, Hollywood? I have a pitch for you), this would be the main character’s look. The black lipstick, pale-green face paint (mix white and green paint together in a pinch), and dark eye makeup really bring out the ‘90s grunge makeup vibe in this alien look.


This FX Alien Makeup Idea

Okay, so this maybe isn’t a look that you can just throw together on Halloween at six and expect it to be ready by eight. But I couldn’t not acknowledge how freaking cool this FX makeup is. Watch this tutorial just to get into the alien ~mood~.


This Classic Alien Makeup

It wouldn’t be an alien makeup roundup without including the classic green face/big-eye combo. What I love about this look is how far a little contouring can get you when creating three-dimensional makeup. And if you like to have options, this look could be recreated as half-face makeup (as pictured), or a full-face look.


Turquoise FX Alien Makeup for Halloween

If your Halloween makeup skills are at the level where using FX and prosthetics is just a regular day for you, this is the alien makeup tutorial you’ve been looking for. For the rest of us, this is purely aspirational—I mean, that eyebrow ridge? The cheekbone? Like, what?!


Alien with Multiple Eyes

How cool is this multi-eyed alien? Start this look by recreating the yellow and green eyeshadow on your real eyelids, then draw and color identical-looking eyes (easier said than done, right?) across your face with black liquid eyeliner and the same eyeshadows. Stock up on some green lipstick to finish off the look.

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