'Little People, Big World' Star Matt Roloff Victim Of Brutal Credit Card Fraud

“Bizarre experience. My bookkeeper alerts me to 4 fraudulent charges on one of my cc accounts … all within the last 2 days… first a small$ purchase… a few hours later a bigger one … bam.. another one.. finally a much bigger one… All adding up to almost $3,000,” Roloff began.
He continued, “So I immediately contact the online merchant (we’ve chosen to remove it) to report the unauthorized charges. They dont ask for any details … like my name, the transaction numbers, last 4 digits, etc, etc. they just say sorry… its our policy not to fix these problems.” Huh?? Wait?? What? Im like.. I’ve been buying a lot of Christmas gifts online.. what if this is some charge thru you that I did via a different company (apparently that happens)??”
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