Lance Bass Says He’s Been ‘Kept Away’ From Britney Spears

Apparently, the music industry in the late 90s and early 2000s was a competitive scene, but most of the top stars were friendly with each other. At least that’s what we’ve been able to gather from a recent event where NSYNC, and Backstreet Boys members took the stage together. 

Also recently, former NSYNC star Lance Bass mentioned that he has been “kept away” from good friend Britney Spears through her conservatorship years! Bass essentially announced that he is on the team #FreeBritney bandwagon!    

Where The Friendship Comes From 


Bass appeared on, “Heather Dubrow’s World” podcast Thursday. As is the case with virtually all podcasts these days, the topic of Britney Spears’ conservatorship came up. He confessed that he hadn’t spoken to Britney for years. While hinting though that there was a time when the two were close. 

The friendship most likely comes from when Britney and the guys from NSYNC went on tour together back in the late 90s. Of course, she also dated Bass’ former bandmate, Justin Timberlake. Potentially, the two were close at one point. 

Weighing In On The Matter    

Lance Bass and Husband at the LA Womens March

After saying that he hadn’t talked to Britney for years, he was asked his opinion on the very public legal battle. Lance was not afraid to weigh in on the situation. Get away from your dad was his first piece of advice he dished out. That’s a pretty popular opinion these days! Then, he went deeper into the ordeal, even commenting on the legal side of things saying

“She needs to pick her own people running this conservatorship, if she even needs one, especially when choosing her lawyer,” 

Britney Is Sane Enough 

Britney Spears in Concert 2009-2011

Probably one of the hardest things for Britney Spears through this whole process is the fact that she is literally having sanity questioned by the court of public opinion. If it makes her help any better Lance Bass thinks she’s ok to make her own decisions. On this topic, Bass mentioned, 

“I don’t know exactly what she needs, but I do know that she, to me — [from] what I see — is sane enough to pick her own people,”

Trashing The Justice System 

Lisa Vanderpump lunches with Lance Bass at her Villa Blanca restaurant

Lance Bass really went all out defending his former friend Britney. From what he says it sounds like genuine concern. At one point in the interview, he was about to lose his cool for it. So much so that he went on a rant about the entire justice system. Saying that, from what he’s seen, it would seem that the judge on the Britney case is corrupt! He directly stated, 

“To me, there’s a bigger picture here. … The main thing that I’m concerned about is the court systems and this judge.”

He went on to add, “If this is really true, then we have to look at this judge, right? Because that means that they’re corrupt. I don’t know. It’s scary.”

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