Kris Jenner Had THE Most on Brand Reaction to Kendall Jenner Telling Her She’s Pregnant as a Prank

If there’s one thing we can rely on in this cruel, uncertain world, it’s that the Kardashians love themselves a prank—and Kendall Jenner just came through. Kenny sat down with her sister Kourtney Kardashian for a game of Truth or Dare, and Kourt dared her to text the family group chat that she’s engaged (presumably to her boyfriend Devin Booker, though his name wasn’t mentioned!). As Kendall put it: “It’s believable, so I will do it.”

Rudely, no one in the family believed Kendall—with Kylie saying “you’re lying” and Kim saying “You’re lying cause you’re a weirdo.” How dare! Meanwhile, Khloe mused, “I was so excited. I was just disappointed it was a little big on your finger. I was like, ‘He couldn’t have gotten the size right?’”

Anyway, clearly this prank was somewhat of a fail due to literally everyone calling out Kendall for lying, but fear not: she also pranked poor Kris Jenner and told her she’s pregnant. And friends, when I say Kris responded like a pro. Like…this clearly is not! her! first! rodeo!

Watch the video below, but Kris basically didn’t miss a beat and simply said “That’s so weird you just told me this because I dreamed about this last night. I’ll put on my clothes and get over there. Well, I’ll tell you Kendall, you have to do whatever your heart tells you to do. I think it’s great news but I’m your mom, you know.”

So cute, so pure, much like Kris’ reaction to finding out this was a prank which was … *checks notes* …”oh fuck.” 🙃

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