Kobe Bryants Widow Vanessa Defends LeBron James, Trashes LA Sheriff Over Police Shooting Response

Another person replied to the tweet writing, How can he talk about trusting the system? His sheriffs dept. couldnt be trusted to secure Kobe Bryants helicopter crash scene, his deputies took and shared graphic photos of crash victims. Vanessa Bryant is suing them.
She posted another tweet talking about the Sheriffs Department. It read, He shouldnt be challenging LeBron James to match a reward or to step up to the plate. He couldnt even step up to the plate and hold his deputies accountable for photographing dead children.
Vanessa is currently in the middle of legal action against the Sheriffs Department for taking photos at Kobes death scene.
Others on Twitter sided with Vanessas view. One wrote, So, according to Villanueva, LeBron James needs “step up to the plate” and double the reward for the gunman who shot two sheriff deputies? Where do you even start with that?

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