Kim Kardashian Is Focusing on the “Fun and Sexy Things” in Life…Like Pete Davidson!

Time for your daily ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian ¯_(ツ)_/¯ update! Just days after being spotted on a date in California, during which Pete had a visible hickey on his neck, a source says Kim is focusing on the finer fun and sexy things in life.

“The past few years of Kim’s life have been super intense a lot of the time, so this is a real positive transition for her,” a source tells Us Weekly of Kim’s Pete Davidson Era. “She’s learning to move past day-to-day stresses and focus on the fun and sexy things.”

“Kim lights up when she’s around Pete,” another source previously mused. “Their chemistry is off the charts and getting stronger each passing day.”

Honestly, cute! Very much here for this pairing, and WILL be pivoting the convo to them whenever someone tries to ask about my personal life at Thanksgiving. Anyway, in case you’re new here, Kim and Pete started dating after she hosted Saturday Night Live, then she visited him in Staten Island, then he spent his birthday with her, and then they went official on Instagram. Specifically Flavor Flav’s Instagram, where they wore matching Skims pajamas. Because why waste a good plug for your personal brand, right?

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Anyway, another source (Kris Jenner, that you?!) also told E! News that “They are really happy and seeing where it goes. Pete has told her he doesn’t want to see anyone else. She is telling some people they aren’t super serious but she isn’t seeing anyone else… She’s trying to not make a big deal about it but is super into him. Kim is smitten over him and it’s very exciting to her.”

What a time to be alive!

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